Saturday, August 15, 2020

Wisconsin Wander Executed

 A very fine and full day today, just a few miles short of 350.



Back on my favorite one today....

 Keeping me in coffee, doughnuts and peanuts... way to go Sir!!



Another Wisconsin bicycle trail created from an abandoned railroad line, this one the Tuscobia Trail.  Mom and dad bicycled sections of this one.

Just east of Edgewater.....


        I stopped by Michelle and Paul's place, nobody home


 There was a family on this hay wagon being pulled by two draft horses and from the looks of things, they were traveling....awning, coolers, plastic tubs with provisions, etc.  My Ag teacher did much the same thing one summer, from his home in southern MN all of the way to Duluth on a hay wagon, pulled by a 9N Ford tractor.  Don't remember how many days...Carl was like that.

 Raspberry Sour Cream in Spooner....


This was the most fun.... 




 One more day off and then back to work next week.

I wonder how I'll spend the day???


  1. Sorry we missed you Doug,looks like a great day of riding!

    1. Paul, I really didn't expect you to be up, even a bigger surprise is that I ended up there. I honestly was just heading NE, knew I was 'out'
      east of Rice Lake and still working north but was ready to start capping off the loop when I recognized running right along the north side of the lake.

      I really enjoyed the day, thanks!