Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Delta Wisconsin Weekend - 2022/09/25

Unless my math is wrong, this was our 3rd year at the cabin in Northern, Wisconsin and so far, these weekends have been mid-September outings.  We had a beautiful Friday, a wetter Saturday that didn't really deter our plans or fun.

I left Thursday after work, had the Royal Enfield Himalayan loaded on the trailer the evening before.

Friday (red) the 4 of us rode together, Saturday (green) I split off on my own. My combined mileage for the two days was 221.

Friday morning breakfast at Delta Diner, a Very good thing we were there at 7:55.  This breakfast was the first of three....we ate there every morning.

This was mine, Day 1.  Pulled Pork Espresso Biscuits-n-Gravy.

A great opportunity to enter the food service industry!

Horse Pasture Grade....a favorite of mine.

Pigeon Lake....the lake that water level rose to a point that surrounding properties were destroyed.  This road has been closed and raised at numerous times to finally be passable.

We stopped at the Fish Hatchery.

We stopped (always do) at the former site of the Lenawee Fire Tower.

Dinner time on Fish Friday....

Saturday morning, back to Delta Diner

I've had the Dutch Pancake before.....and I'll have it again.

Saturday morning....I went out on my own, Paul, Eric and Kevin took off to pick up the Tran Wisconsin Adventure Trail to the north.

It was wet and really never quit precipitating all day.

The strangest, craziest coincidence......suddenly a motorcycle was met. It was Eric and the rest of the team!!  With miles and miles of Forest Roads, it really was a surprise that we met as we did.  Again, they were following the Adventure Trail from Delta north to Cornucopia.  Eric had followed the 'Trail up to Delta on Thursday.

Data points very close together where I turned around.

Long Lake.... 

I do not allow drivers to pull out in front of me.  This guy tested my patience.

North Coast Coffee in Ashland....coffee and a sandwich.

Richard, here's the Big Rock again, in Big Rock County Park.  It's a big flat base for the river to pass over, stopping the spawning fish from going any further upstream.  Fishing illegal right here.

The extensive soccer fields west of Ashland along Cty. C.

Extensive wetness....

These sandy ruts look more innocent than they sometimes prove to be.

Birch Grove Campground, always a nice place to stop lakeside...

Like the sign says....

Loading up Sunday morning...

A couple of wide angle views of our cozy cabin....

My Sunday morning Delta Diner breakfast....Stuffed Hash Browns.

A gas stop on the way home,  220 miles total, 100 miles of Pretty Wet.