Sunday, July 30, 2023

Sunday, July 23, 2023

Some Weekend Rides - 2023/07/23

My '92 Yamaha TW200 hadn't really been out yet this season, not a 'really been out' anyway.  It was time.

Roughly a 60 mile wandering ride, almost completely on local gravel.  Even though I've made it known that I often, usually ride with my GPS it doesn't get connected on each and every ride.  Sometimes the Zumo is still in the house....I'm outside and the task of going in, grabbing and mounting/connecting can just seem like too much work.  Over the last year or so, I've had fun challenging myself, riding a complicated set of twists and turns, then once home a Route is created from memory.  This is sometimes almost too can take some turn by turn recall.  Often involving the same roads, if I wait too long to sit down, one ride starts merging with another.  The above ride on the T'dub was done that way.

Our County Road #2 has been closed now for at least a year.  The first mentions locally were that something/someone drove over it with an oversized load and 'broke' it.  Discovered, the bridge was closed but it took some time before repairs were started.  I had to go look.

No idea when completion is scheduled.

Later Friday, Fish Fry time...

I happened to catch this one...

This morning, a very foggy morning, the new(er) chicks were let out of the Eglu.

Peg took Arthur up to the State Park for a walk and when they stopped on a bench to take a break, she texted me "ride up".  So I did.

Lake Pepin and the Wisconsin Bluffs are out there somewhere...

We had quite a rainstorm Saturday evening, lightning, hail and hard rain.  Arthur decided to Sing

Mid-morning I was on the Himalayan with another Ride First Document After, today's a bit tougher to remember.

Coffee stop at Eagle's Nest....

Wabasha, Grumpy Old Men town.....

Early lunch in Pepin...

Mid-afternoon coffee stop.....

Monday tomorrow, just might get another ride in to start the week off right!

Thursday, July 20, 2023

Garden Food Production - 2023/07/20

Over the last couple of days we got serious and pulled out the knives, the big kettles and the clean canning jars.

At the bottom of the photo, what remains of the 2 large and 2 medium sized cabbages that we cut....the root and elephant ears are still in the raised bed.  The rest of this bed contains Purple cabbage and Savoy which have not yet been taken.

Still have some Kohlrabi, none of the Cauliflower has been picked yet.  We still have some beautiful Broccoli.

Sauerkraut production has begun...last year we did Plain, Caraway and Curtido, the Curtido our favorite.  So this year, our first batch was all the spicy Curtido.

In Peg's world, I've been nominated Slaw Master....Our 4 Cabbages slawed filled the 5 gallon pail.  But when Peg added the salt, making the brine 12# of Cabbage salted filled about 1/3 of the pail.

Our Carrots, purchased Onions...not sure why we didn't use our Shallots, our beautiful Shallots.  Thoroughly mixed in Garlic, Chili Flakes, Cumin.....and a secret or two.

In the fermenting crock, the mixture packed down as tightly as possible.  Then covered with a few of the large outer cabbage leaves and finally, two half-circular weights to compact the mix as much as possible.

A small amount of the brine added on top.....

Finally the cover is placed on top, water is added in the well around the rim.  The moat prevents the infiltration of air but allows the gases from the fermenting process to escape.  The kitchen is filled with a slow rhythmic....Bloop.....Bloop.....Bloop.

In a few weeks, the mix will be ready for some more canning jars.

The pickles were refrigerated yesterday and a sample was taken today.....OUTstanding Dills!  Tonight we're going to try our first pickled green beans.

Our first Sweet Corn and we've beat the raccoons this far at least!! A couple of red onions for color.

There are a few lingering Sugar Snap Peas, the last of the Radishes and a few of the poor Carrots that the rodents didn't get to somehow.  We've got Cucumbers coming out our ears and there have been and are enough green beans to fill a Volkswagen, maybe two.  Our Blueberries still struggle though we've enjoyed a few of them, a small enough number to make them precious.  In contrast, the huge Red Raspberries have kept us busy and full, some of them even make it to the house.  Lauren's walks in Nature have brought us so many wild Blackcaps that mutiple, nutty coffee cakes have been consumed and I don't know how many cookie sheets of frozen Black's have been squeezed into the freezer.

So....not hungry for the foreseeable future!


More pickles....


Sunday, July 16, 2023

Lorem Ipsum 2023 - 2023/07/15

Considering the weather, location and my schedule it was decided that I'd make the annual event in Viroqua, Wisconsin an overnight affair.  Clean socks in my '98 Yamaha VStar 650 Classic's saddlebags (forgot my battery bank) and off I went early Friday morning.

It should be mentioned here that other than forgetting my phone charging system at home, the trip was without incident.  Not every Lorem Ipsum trip that I've made or attempted can make that claim.

Red on Friday, Green on Saturday...

Coffee stop along the tracks in Fountain City...obviously more rain than we've been blessed with.

Common in Wisconsin, single lane bridge repair.

Trempealeau National Wildlife Refuge...that is not a golf course.


A group of very enthusiastic Eco Campers, all very willing to share with me what they were discovering!

There ARE places where the crops look fantastic!

Perrot State Park, Trempealeau....

County Road S out of Onalaska....

Big Boar BBQ, West Salem....

 County Road I approaching Newberg Corners...

County PI of course....

There were a few dalliances around Cashton...

Boys, boys, boys....whatcha gonna do....

We've been anxious to find a new Ice Cream Source in the area now that the Goose Barn has gone out of business, Mike especially anxious.  He discovered that there was an up-and-comer in Ontario so I volunteered to check out Saddle Up.

Might work in a pinch, it's no replacement for the 'Goose.

On my way and almost there....Trail's End Amish Walmart.

La Farge, Wisconsin...home of Organic Valley.

Fish Fry Friday evening at The Stockyard Grill in Coon Valley.

Tried and True accommodations at The Norske Inn, Westby.

Early coffee was mandatory, a rush south to Viroqua for a 5:30 cup and breakfast sandwich at KT.

Looks worse than it was....

 Cooperative flood control...

LOTS more Canadian fire smoke...

The currently very calm West Fork of the Kickapoo....

And finally, finally the reason that some of you are really here.....if you're still here?

Lorem Ipsum 2023

 Didn't buy a book this time....nothing really caught my fancy but I gave them a good look-through!

Joe, the Brat was good, thanks guys!

There you have it...perfect execution of a motorcycle event!