Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Early August South Shore

My 2 week early August vacation got a lazy (for me) start on Friday morning, typically something that may have started already Thursday afternoon before.

Back to my stop along the fire road #XXX in the Chequamegon Nicolet National Forest, roughly 15 miles as seagulls seldom fly from Lake Superior.

Camp setup and time to get out and explore... 

My 'street'...


I found this meadow and marked it....may come in handy some day.

 A challenge!!

Almost....almost made the entire loop and the road is up ahead about 75 yards.  My skid plate isn't tough enough, the Himalayan doesn't have enough clearance, the surrounding woods too thick.  I'm too old for log crossing jumps.

I haven't been carrying a (big enough) saw.

I was so close to making the full loop!!

It was a surprise and a disappointment to see that Ehler's was closed.  When I asked around town about its future I was told that nobody knew.  I did see signs about Take Out Pizza...

The Ehler's warehouse building on the right and this new construction made me wonder if a new store was being built.  Consensus was that the new building was for the "fishery smokehouse".  I'm assuming they meant Halvorson's??

The artesian spring, every flowing.  I filled my bottles numerous times here and so do others from all over.

Peg's grandfather's boat isn't going to be lake-worthy for much longer.  I always stop for a bike boat photo.

Something new, a shop I'd not seen before.  I went in for coffee but didn't find any and went to the gas station across the road instead.

Stopped at the Herbster Campground, the Self-Contained sites 100% full, the rule for using the campground your rig must have a bathroom.  The on-site bathrooms locked.  In other words, no tenting.  The tenting area adjacent to the lake are growing tall grass.


The raised, leveled and tuned-up shelter was completed before COVID grabbed us from the look of things.

The Gym, locked and pandemic safe...


 The north boundary of the National Forest and the North Boundary road that runs east-west.  I believe that the area to the north is Bayfield County Forest.

Looking west....the first time I rode this road how many ever years ago the area was freshly 'clear cut'.

Someone named it Cully's Corner....

Back to camp for dinner after a very fine riding day....

The spot that I'm parked at was I'm guessing access for an old timber cut.  There's a berm behind the trailer that I'm literally backed against.  Over that berm a trail that only later did I discover its purpose.  Lots of small trees were bulldozed, Skidded over and loosely buried resulting in these colorful specimens.  I've learned a lot about birds this season, seems it's time to start brushing up on my lichens.

For comparison next to my wallet....

Friday dinner w/o mushrooms....

These turned into something quite good...3 for $5 at my favorite convenience store.  The next day when I met Paul and Michelle for lunch in Seeley, I learned that we had both dined on $5 steaks the night before.  I finished 2 of them Friday evening and the 3rd one supplemented oatmeal the next morning.

I've been watching a lot of 'Tube cooking over fire....over fire...That's how you burn, not how you cook.  I'm a Coal Cooker and was once quite good at it; my skills are returning.

Turning the GPS on the next morning, the satellite resolution must not have been as tight the day before.  I've seen this in the past but don't remember it ever being so different.  While GPS Accuracy can be 200', normally I'm seeing 30'.

In Drummond, Wisconsin.  A great destination the way it sounds on Presidents Day

Michelle and Paul in Seeley for lunch...

A very nice city park in Drummond, hadn't seen it before.

I expect to be sharing more photos from here in late September.

Coals....not fire!

More wildlife to learn about....bugs!

Anyone know why all of the highway signs are losing their 3M coating....all up on top?

Five corners....


Big dog tracks compared to my size 13 boots....

Minor Stops involve brakes and no throttle.  Major Stops involve abundant throttle and no brakes, of which this was one.  Not officially a tip over, it was a rapid arrest of motion in relatively shallow sand.  Later that day, I went down hard, a real down in sand that was not shallow and it hurt...3rd gear, should have been in 2nd.  No photo was taken, my shoulder and ribs hurt too much to pull out either of the cameras.

A nice walk to the falls but I felt every step in my chest.....Eric told me that his rib Owie lasted 6 weeks, something I'm having no trouble believing.

Port Wing harbor and beach....

"In Memory of Terry Berg"

Cornucopia harbor and gift shops...

Well that's enough.  I've got a lot more, helmet cam footage, photos, more trees, there was more sand, audio of the whipoorwils at night, etc. but you're already dozing off.

It was fun, 3 1/2 days worth.  I'll be up there at least once more this season, maybe more.

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