Sunday, June 30, 2019

Saturday and Sunday

It started earlier than that....Friday Fish Fry.

 Our barn will soon be gone....

Saturday early, Diamonds in Northeast Minneapolis....

Jeff let me try his brand new 500X Honda....what a really fine machine!!

Have to include this.  Friend Ed posted this on his FB page....his FJR has turned 350k miles.  It wasn't all that long ago that he was sharing an odo reading of 200k.  Ed, though enjoys coffee, doesn't spend all of his time sitting down with a cup in his hand.

In the park, a pair of Pileated Woodpeckers.  The 2nd pair I've seen in almost as many days!

Sunday's ride....wonder if the Cozi would have floated???

More weather approaching....

Sunday, June 23, 2019

Minnesota MotoGuzzi Rally - Grand Marais 2019

I did it just a bit different this year...left Thursday right after work, spent the night in Superior sans tent and sleeping pad.  Made the trip this time on the VStar Classic and a fine Touring machine it is.  Karen already knew that and she of course was right.  I enjoyed the old Yamaha all weekend.

Made a quick cup while waiting for Eric to arrive.

He made it only a few minutes after I had checked in, in fact the cup of coffee wasn't even half gone by the time he came rolling in.  We rode to downtown Superior for dinner, then back to the motel for a restful night's sleep.

An abbreviated stop at Canal Park due to frantic preparations taking place for the weekend's famous Grandma's Marathon.  We were very early, one of my favorite museums wasn't open yet and parking availability was at a serious premium.

We stopped at Gooseberry Falls, parked and walked out and down to the lower levels.

We sat, enjoyed the warm sun and the relaxing sound of falling water.

But then we were hungry and were off to Beaver Bay for something to eat.

I went based on a very encouraging pie suggestion (Steve, I know...I know...).  I went for the Lemon but the last slice had gone the night before.  I 'settled' for the Key Lime Custard instead and if the Lemon is better, I have no earthly idea how that might be possible.

Listen to the bear...

It wasn't just the pie; both Eric's and my meals were outstanding, our waitress and surroundings the food's equal.  We're going back.

Thanks Shug!

Next stop, Palisade Head.

The blueberries weren't ready but now Eric knows where they'll be when they are.

We got set up in Grand Marais and walked downtown.  Lucky that the rally was once again on the best weekend in June, the annual Boat Show was taking place at the North House Folk School.

Walking further downtown....we found coffee.....we found a perfect place to enjoy it.

After a very lazy afternoon, we ambled back to the City Park Campground for our Pulled Pork Meal at the shelter.  There was a fresh breeze off the 37 degree water in the bay and we felt all 37 of them during the meal.

My brother rode up from the Twin Cities and arrived just in time for our evening meal.

Saturday morning dawned extra fresh....

In dawn's early light, this new arrival drew great interest, as in, "what is it??"

We would later find out how truly unique it was.  As an early hint, keep the fact that the Boat Show was in progress downtown.

The three of us took off up the Gunflint, a first or only second trip for each of us in our little group.

The Twinsies....

Some like-minded riders showed up and Kev pulled out his recent dyno chart, comparing curves, where they started and where they peaked.  All shown have just that sort of knowledge and experience.

I was curious and made the turn in to the Chik-Wauk Museum.

A lunch stop at Trails End...

There was a coffee/pie/malt stop at Trail Center just to completely top things off.

Eric noticed and pointed out this New Construction....looks to be a fine and well built structure.

Minnesota's highest point, Eagle Mountain at 2301 ft. above sea level is roughly half way between the end of the Gunflint and Lake Superior.

Back down the trail and another walk downtown to see how the festivities were progressing at the Folk School.

A discovery was made, my timing perfect!

This one was tied up behind the breakwater in a place I'd never seen anything moored before.  So I went out for a look.  It was so, so nice all evening.

KIYI....USGS vessel....

Looking west across the bay to our campground...

I actually accomplished something on Saturday....

Sunday morning and packed up....

After coffee but before 7AM....

A (the 2nd) chance meeting with Dave and Dan, this one in Spooner.

The tally and how we did what we did....

Thanks for such a wonderful weekend Louise, John, Lynn, Kevin, Chuck and Mrs. Chuck....we all had fantastic weather, up and in Grand Marais this weekend.  A shower here and there to keep things fresh on the way home.

Karen, you asked about whose help I'd need to get all of that nice looking VStar chrome polished.  Still searching for the right person but you'll be happy to know that all of the dust has now been rinsed off so the process has begun.