Wednesday, June 29, 2022

On The River - 2022/06/28

Ben and I spent all of that time looking out, from shore, at all of that water on Lake Superior last weekend so that when we got home, it was time for us to actually be OUT there on the water.  We chose the Shark and Salt Free section of the Mississippi, our very own Lake Pepin to do so.

I have no kayak experience but Ben has quite a bit of it, most of his actually Not Salt Free.  However, the water in Prince William Sound is not temperate enough for most sharks so he and his group did not have to worry about those big teeth.  Seals, eagles and whale spouts WERE seen.

We saw a couple of eagles and some fish jumps.

It was wonderful out there.

Monday, June 27, 2022

A Visit, A MN Guzzi Rally And Some Up Nort' - 2022/06/27

We're starting off this week with something that happened last week and that was Ben's and my great pleasure in meeting and joining Margaret and Dom (A Redleg's Rides) for lunch.  Between family issues, that old nagging C-19 problem and scheduling, it didn't look like a rendezvous would or could happen.

Lucky for us, it did.

We met in Trempealeau for lunch, the 4 of us in 2 4-wheeled vehicles even though we are all fully capable of 2-wheeled travel.  It made sense that day and I am not ashamed.

The Colorado couple was back in Wisconsin to see Margaret's family, rural folks that are and were Wisconsin based.  They brought the TW200 and her Genuine Buddy scooter along, a nice gentle trip east across the plains with time to spend exploring, obviously their preferred travel pace and from what I've seen and heard, they are Accomplished at it.  They are currently on their way back home and if not at the same relaxed rate, it will be close enough.  No 1000 mile days necessary for those lucky two.

We ate, the food was enjoyable but the conversation and smiles even better.  Yes, there was Army talk, 3 of 4 at that table had experience and there was not a single thing wrong with that.  Dom and Ben really knew the lingo, Margaret could chip in but mostly Dom and Ben covered ground quickly with their acronyms and experiences.  Margaret occasionally nodded, she and I both smiled a lot.  If motorcycles were mentioned, I don't remember it....we had important things to discuss.

Have I mentioned that we smiled a lot?

Many of you know my preponderance and frequency of electronic communication with friends and Others.  Just a reminder here that there's simply nothing like face to face time with winks AND smiles to make treasure happen.

We were all lucky to have the opportunity to make it happen, Ben and I thankful for Margaret and Dom's gracious sharing of their time with us.

Martha and Ben flanking (Army term??) me...

Martha with some flair and Dom...

Dom highlighted our visit with his own insights, take a look!

Early Friday morning (in the dark early) Ben and I jumped (harder for some than others 'early') into the van and headed north to Grand Marais Minnesota for the MN Moto Guzzi Rally.  It's an annual event that happens in a lovely North Shore of Lake Superior town, almost on the Canadian border.

Here's what the event looks like on our National Rally Calendar.... 

Jun 24 to Jun 26, 2022


Grand Marais, Minnesota. Recreation area campground website: Camp on the shore of Lake Superior at Downtown Grand Marias is only a few minutes' walk away. The Gunflint Trail starts here: $40 rally fee includes two nights' tent camping with hot showers. Friday night pulled pork meal, Saturday night herring meal, "quick fix" breakfast both mornings. Coffee and lemonade all weekend. 50/50 drawing, awards. (Sorry, no pins). Weather permitting, a classic Italian motorcycle show at Kevin and Lynn Mackey's home. Contact Information and $35 preregistration (until June 1st): MGNOC State Rep, John Ulrich

Here's what it looked like to us....

No, no, no....that was Peg in Amsterdam.

Here we resume regular programming!

Friday after a record-breaking-bike-unload, Kevin, Ben and I headed up the Gunflint Trail.  The further north and closer to Canada, the lakier it gets.

 We walked downtown to South Of The Border....

After breakfast Saturday morning, part of the group rode up to Ely.  Ben and I rode up to Grand Portage.

The Grand Portage Reservation, the narrow green path, the actual historical portage itself and our Hwy 61 path to the museum.

The relationship to Isle Royale.....

The Hovland Dock....

Grand Portage Museum....


From there we rode over to the Marina, the parking lot and launching site for the boat trips to Isle Royal.

The parking lot.  Most of these cars are waiting for their owners to return from hiking Isle Royal.

This was the dock that my May 1977 week on Isle Royal began from.

Once again, our MN Moto Guzzi Rally went off without any noticeable hitches.  Louise, Lynn, Kevin and John with helpers put on quite the event.  As far as I know rain, not even warm rain was able to interrupt much of anything....the prediction was for worse.  We were fed and coffee'd well.

It was our son's first rally.  He's heard me go on and on over the years about how much I enjoy them, quite good at taking my word for it.  Now he knows for himself.  Hopefully the next time he's on Leave, the dates will align with another rally.