Saturday, August 22, 2020

Another Quick Overnight

 But before we get to that, our solar system is A L M O S T up and running.  Actually I'm told that it's running but the monitoring system/software isn't up yet.  We're anxious to find out how effective it is.


Thursday after getting home from the office, I jumped on the rig that was already loaded and headed back to Carley State Park...easy, close to home, my proper and selected campsite reserved.

The corn has gone from June-the-definition-of-Green to Brown Green, the result of tassels becoming more prominent and also, the last week or so, some drying of the leaves.  We grabbed an ear of John's corn on our place and it's hard dented.  Still a lot of sweet corn to harvest, very prominent especially in the area of the State Park since there's a huge packing plant in nearby Plainview.  Easily spotted from a distance, the difference between the field corn and sweet corn pronounced.  The field corn has almost vertical, brownish tassels.  The sweet corn's tassels are much lighter in color, often almost white and look more like Sideshow Bob's in shape.


Bacon-wrapped sirloins once again from my handy convenience store, done to perfection I must say.

For desert, some bannock and a coffee...

I miscalculated and added enough alcohol for 12 oz. of brew, amazing what a single ounce will do....when there's NO wind...or wind with a shield.  My Fancy Feast stove does a quick job of boiling water and I have to smile every time I use it.

Friday morning breakfast, oatmeal and coffee...

I had two spoonfuls of oatmeal left and the coffee cooling when the big drops followed the lightning and thunder so it was back into the tent and I was able to appreciate my large vestibule.

An hour of rain falling on the tent with my favorite (SE Minnesota) radio station....about as good as it gets.  I've thought about it in the past but now I believe it's theme song..."End Of The Line".

I guess they call it Leave No Trace.  All I left was a shadow, packed and ready to go.

A bright sunny morning along Lake Pepin, almost home.

Well since music came up this one, I have to mention something that our dear daughter sent me.  She did what I'm told is an Instagram Takeover.  All new to me since I've been on Instagram a total of 12 hours now, signed up only to watch what she and hubby Nich had filmed of what I'm going to call, "A Day In the Life Of..".  If you like music, there's likely something there for you.  If you like cats, then most certainly.  If you enjoy healthy plants, you may be disheartened.  But take a look anyway.  You'll find them, in the Minnesota Orchestra space, Hanna's right there.


  1. That's some beard you got going Coop, wish I could grow a beard .... ever hear the expression re camping? Spending lots of money to live like a homeless person....something like that anyways. :)

    1. The beard is a nuisance and I've just about had enough. I promised no trimming and I've had a couple trims so far, the first one a big one...not every doorway is 36" wide. I had my first one in high school, fit the Sportster image or so I thought but mom didn't think it would look good in my graduation photo.

      I've not heard the term but if homeless comes, I'll have a head start.

  2. That’s a nice solar setup! Looking forward to that write up.

  3. Dang..serious camp'n cook'n gear.... I'm think'n about a overnight or ..few.. but not ready to go fill til boogie on cooking gear.... Perhaps if I use my s/car....
    sur looks tasty.... :)

    1. The sidecar made all this (and more) very easy but you are a master at freezer bags. You'd be surprised what you can do with boiling water and that doesn't take much. I can make it easy for you, choices...

      A new level of freedom on your RE trip(s)!