Saturday, December 16, 2023

The Duluth Train/Depot Museum - 2023/12/15 (2023/11/12)

This Post focuses on the visit I made back in November, my Explore Duluth More-themed look into places in our Port City that were either new to me or those that justified a closer look.  I've made many trips through Duluth on my way further north and too often found myself racing through.  There were exceptions....moving a friend from the Twin Cities to Duluth on New Year's Eve....the 2nd summer that I owned my 900ss Ducati I made a couple of trips up and back after my work day for dinner at the Pickwick....the rides quite quick.

But this presentation is about trains.  The overview of my November weekend was back here.

The video portions of the weekend is over on 'Tube....

Lots of photos here, no captions, the images in the order they were taken.  I take many many so that I don't have to remember anything.

There will be more train content soon, of trains long since gone and much closer to home.  Also, regarding the Duluth/Superior weekend I'll Post another that highlights the many photos taken at the Richard I. Bong Veterans Historical Center....soon.