Monday, April 25, 2022

Mix Follow-Up - 2022/04/25

I had intended to include a video with yesterday's blog Post but simply ran out of time.  Here it is, meant to be a part of the rides that were highlighted in Another Mix and Mismatch - 2022/04/24

Sunday, April 24, 2022

Another Mix and Mismatch - 2022/04/24

The last couple of weeks have seen a little something of everything....little motorcycle rides motorcycle rides of little length, little bits of garden work, other various little accomplishments around home and so on.

There were well/water supply issues....

When you can't get out of the car for coffee you know it's serious....

Peg found some ceramic eggs and we're using them to manipulate the Ladies' egg laying habits.

and they're working!

Two machines that went into winter (the TW200 in to Spring 2021!!) without running have been revived.  If you remember, last September the Elite 250 let me down in the Target parking lot.  New vacuum lines and a new fuel filter now have it purring like the kitten that she is.

Speaking of dirt, we had 8 yards of black dumped to top up our garden beds and hopefully fill some low spots in our poor yard.

Related to that process....

Our Easter meal and the hot cross buns that were delivered to mom and her sis....(I'm the designated QC failures here!)

Pleasant Valley Farm eggs, the stamp courtesy of Hanna.  As Mike says, "helps prevent rustling"

Finally some serious 2-wheel content. 

A brand new rear tire on the TW200 but in Saturday's gravel conditions, a bit more bite in front would have been welcomed.

A fella had to catch some of those ruts just right....

The diner in Kellogg for lunch....

A favorite stopping point where the railroad does and the Old 61 bridge did cross the Zumbro River.


KLR out for its first run of '22 as well....

Add a coffee table, maybe the Keurig too and this could be a furnished apartment!

Finally, today I met Eric for lunch in Eleva, a very windy 50 degree day!


Some old habits are hard to break.....

And's been a long time since I've seen this and now, a full color 8 x 10 version in all its glory was received in the Post...just look at the detail!  As the sign says, have a care!!

Thanks Dave!!
 There will soon be a video of ride highlights on the TW200 and Scarabeo 500.
If this hasn't been a hodge podge mix, I don't know what is!

Thursday, April 14, 2022

Galveston 1977 - 2022/04/14

Forty-five years ago this week I at the very last minute decided to spend a week down on the Gulf of Mexico.  I was working full time in a St. Paul suburb, had the Honda 750 packed and rode it to work Maundy Thursday morning.  At lunch break I mounted the Honda and headed south, arriving late at a very affordable motel along I-35 in Ottawa, KS Thursday evening  The following evening I was in a gulf-side motel in Galveston, even the air was full of salt.

Easter morning.....

Mom and dad were hosting the family for Easter so I found a phone booth and called home.  It was hotter in Minnesota than it was in Galveston that day.

The ferry from Galveston Island to Bolivar....

Of course I wanted to visit the Johnson Space Center in Houston.

Interesting story here.....I arrived early and parked way out in the parking lot.  For some reason on my way in to the Visitor Center, I looked over to the opposite corner of the parking lot and noticed a Winnebago.  Two attractive young women were milling about outside and then two big guys opened the door and stepped outside to join them.  Without thinking any more about it, I continued through the parking lot and entered the building. 

Before very long those same young women were spending a lot of time admiring the same exhibits that I was.  They introduced themselves and were very friendly with emphasis on the very part of friendly.  I was trying to see (and learn) from the exhibits but they were determined to be my very good friends.  They told me about their parents' Winnebago out in the parking lot, wondering if I might be interested in some fun.  I told them I was very interested in our Space Program, that it was the fun I was looking for.

I spent more time in TX than I'd really planned on, left Galveston, heading east to New Orleans.  I stopped for a photo of Spanish Moss.  My only real plan was to follow the river north.

I didn't really enter New Orleans, saw Lake Pontchartrain took a left and followed Hwy 61 home.  I remember very little....the Memphis skyline... was anxious to slow down and revisit Hannibal, MO.

This wayside is just outside of Galena, IL.  Last Friday (4/2022) I drove through Galena on my way home from the visit with Dave and Tim.  I got a big smile when I saw this wayside again because a few of my motorcycle trips have involved a stop here, none as long as the one back in 1977 though.  My first time here was back in the summer of 1973 when my brother and I stopped here on our way to Texas (only made AR).

It was a fun week, I remember a lot more about the first half than I do the last half.  It was warm salty bliss along the Gulf.  But I've never forgotten this spot outside of Galena.

Happy Easter 2022 everyone!!