Wednesday, June 28, 2023

MN Moto Guzzi Rally - 2023/06/23

Our annual MN Guzzi Rally has been happening in the Grand Marais City Campground now for a number of years, a beautiful area. Actually not as many paved roads but enough with an abundance of wild, green and blue scenery. A popular tourist destination even in winter but it is predominantly a cooling summer target especially for folks from regions more southern, most anxious to find beauty and more temperate weather. 

We had a great time, even with some cool, windy rain, our turnout about average over these last seasons. This video is my take on the event and highlights some of my favorite ways to enjoy our rallies, certainly this one that occurs not far from the Canadian border. I've used photos, short and long video and some aerial shots to tell the story, my way.

In a couple of weeks many of us will gather for the Iowa version, historical trips to both the MN and IA are searchable on my Blog.

MN Guzzi Rally 2023


Sunday, June 18, 2023

We'll Call It Father's Day Weekend - 2023/06/17

All sorts of summery, longest-day things going on around here and with photos to remind me of what they were.  We can start with pets this time.

Arthur's officially 50.1 lbs at 4 months old.  He's grabbed his very vulnerable llama to maximize Squeak.


Our clematis....

Radishes continue to be sandwiched, broccoli has been steamed and sugar snap peas have garnished.

I'd assume that it's intuitive but if one has trouble with radish slice retention, the secret is deeper butter.

Peg whipped up some shortbread and some Earl Grey ice cream....went together better than peas and carrots.

Waiting for a Very Special day, this week was it.  I finally broke in to my stash of Blueberry Rhubarb.  With only two remaining jars in the larder, another order will be considered.  From Superior, Wisconsin, you know it's gotta be good.

Early week I had some kind of bug and felt under a mushy cloud all day, every day.  This was one of the few things that made me feel better.  Much better now, thank you.

Friday was the annual Father's Day Car Show at mom's assisted living home.

Yesterday (Saturday) an early morning ride was partaken.  Some call that time of day "Oh Dark Thirty".  Gramp called it "getting up before breakfast" and I did it.

A half day wander, once in Red Wing I turned left instead of right at the last minute and it has made all the difference.

But while still in Red Wing, a couple of early morning stops.  First, I had hoped to ride up into Memorial Park to get a great view of the rising sun.  I was too early, the gates were still closed.  So my next best option was to ride up to the History Center and look over the city from that bluff.

In 1955 this was where I got my start....fitting that the History Center is next door.

Just behind the old hospital and museum, this bluff overlooks the city of Red Wing and the river.  Barn Bluff has allowed the sun to make its daily, appearance.  We are still seeing Canadian wildfire smokey skies.

On my way to breakfast, I passed this front yard.  It obviously must have been quite a party and from what I can tell, mom must have been out pre-dawn to pick up all the beer bottles.

Bev's Cafe, open at 5am weekday, 6am on Saturday's.

A free mug for patronage on Father's Day weekend.  Thank you!!

A coffee stop in Byron and honestly, a Kwik Trip I've never stopped at before.

I rode through Carley State Park, anxious for some more Quick Overnights this season.  Site #6 makes for good Quick Overnighting.

That's it for now, this coming weekend will a Minnesota North Shore adventure with the MN Moto Guzzi Group.  Grand Marais here we come!

Saturday, June 10, 2023

More Than One.... - 2023/06/10

...way to make the Lake Pepin circle route.  However, in a perfect world they all would start like this.

Here's 'ye olde standard', the one everyone does by habit, a great loop on nice roads.  Roughly 70 miles in length and plenty scenic enough.

Today's Better option looked like this.... and this one 115 Better, possibly Best miles.

Here's Laura Wilder preparing for Living History at the Laura Ingalls Wilder wayside.

Plum City Trout Pond....

Along County A...

Private motocross track.  Missing are the doe and her twins that got away before the camera could capture.  I saw 3 does with offspring today.

Patriotic Cupcakes...can it get any better than this??
Today I stuck with the curds...but there's plenty of time before the 4th!

At home, the first radishes are in...

Some work.... 

Some (more) play....

Arthur gets dirty....

Then all 50# get clean again....4 months old tomorrow!