Saturday, February 28, 2015

Hide The Tracks?

Something needs to happen.  Just look at the density of these tracks in our backyard.  Either we need more snow to allow for a fresh start....


some warmer weather to make them go away.  Guess what I'm hoping for??

Every few days I go out and knock a few more frozen real apples down for the deer.  The turkeys lack the patience, preferring the crab-apple remnants that haven't yet fallen.  It's fun watching the turkey's race down from the woods; their trots are comical.  I've been out in front of the house where they can't see me as they approach and once they come around the corner at full steam there's a moment there when I wonder if they might try and run me over.  So far, so good.

Official Weather Report. 
  • Cold and snowy November
  • Average December, little snow
  • Mild January, almost no snow
  • Cold February, almost no snow  -  North, mountainous GA had more snow in one day than we've had in Jan. and Feb. combined
  • Extra cold start to March predicted, though things are looking great(er) in the long range forecast.

Friday, February 13, 2015

Webb's City - Amended

In our garage (my workshop too), taking up valuable potential machine space, are some of the "treasures" left over from years of hoarding by both sides of my family.  Until riding season reappears and possibly even beyond when I'll be able to post things m/c related, I'm going to post a few of the more unusual discoveries that I'm making while sorting through all of this brick-a-brac.

Today's Feature will visit something I'd never heard of before.  As a youngster, I remember hearing about dad's folks heading to Florida for a few winters.  There were letters and photos that made "St. Pete" a household name and place.  My memories are of flowers, parrots, fishing and sunshine.  Besides all of the other items deeply stored in multiple boxes, this brochure caught my eye.

This $.25 booklet, all 14 pages, tell the story of James Earl "Doc" Webb and his business acumen.  Born in 1899, he was a marketeer extraordinaire.  His story is available on numerous websites, from his business beginnings in Nashville with his "17' x 28' Drugstore in 1925....." to what you see below in St. Pete.

I held my tongue on the "Poster Girls" but I will comment on the Dancing Chicken.  I can't imagine why more current retail outlets don't feature a dancing chicken??

Karen easily saw what I neglected to......what Doc's old property, between 2nd Ave. S and 4th Ave. S bounded by 7th St. S and 10th St. S.

The tall building just outside of the top left corner is the Ted Williams Museum.

Looked like in 1994 .......

In 2013........

Saturday, February 7, 2015

How Many More Weeks??

It really doesn't matter what the Groundhog saw this past week, winter here will remain though if we can indeed get away with only 6 more weeks of it, we'll be in fat city.

There's a feeling of spring in the air, small and yet, still a feeling however small.  At the IMS gathering today, Chad reminded us that there is a lightness in the air and mood......things are definitely changing.  Last weekend, a group of 6 of us met to discuss some sort of organized get together of Helix (Fusion, Spazio too) riders.  We don't have a clubhouse yet, no need for crowd control, the Roberts Rules of Order volumes haven't been opened but things are moving.  Who knows where this will end??

That was last Friday.  On Saturday a much different grouping of 10 met for lunch in a valley known for good riding, at a place fun to visit and known for good food.  Motorized machines with only 2 wheels (for the most part) were the common bond we all share.  Spouses, one Marine son.....we had a grand time together.  It was 101 miles one way for two of the couples but we all agreed that it was time and effort well spent.  This is the Praag not on the Vitava River.

Today Ben and I joined the crowd in Minneapolis for the International Motorcycle Show at the Convention Center.  Poor Ben had to put up with my many introductions ..."how did he get so tall?"....and socializing, over and over again.  We'd no sooner start moving and suddenly there was another familiar face.  Lots of talk, bikes, riding and otherwise though we did manage to actually check out a bike here and there.  I spent my money......on another pair of ROK Straps.

Our VJMC group was both well represented and popular.

I spent a fair amount of time looking at these.....

I'd have to say that I've been hearing the most and loudest buzz about these......

Finally, Minnesota lawn mowing in February.  I had been feeling a bit guilty for not getting that last cutting least someone is benefiting.  Seems that once again this year fussing with that nitrogen fertilizer supplement will be redundant and very unnecessary.