Thursday, August 6, 2020

Old Blue's Turn For A Day Out

There was a LOT of old today, starting right off the bat with my 1978 Yamaha XS650, affectionately known as 'Old Blue'.  It may not be new but it sure seems to be in its's working that well!

There have been some things...places...I've wanted to visit lately and as often happens, too many excuses why those stops don't get made.  It was decided last night that the excuses would stop, to, in and around our very own, 1 hour away, downriver Winona.

The Weaver Kellogg Dunes....

Prairie Island Road, Winona.....

The first official destination, the Minnesota Marine Art Museum

We were there as a family quite a few years ago and I've been anxious to return.  I don't pretend to know anything about marine art but I do like to look at it.  Those that know a great deal more than I have shared that the collection is impressive; names I know Monet, Picasso, Renoir, Wyeth, O'Keeffe, Audubon, Hopper, those old Hudson River School guys and old George crossing that icy eastern seaboard river, all on display.

Deborah, you never mentioned sitting for this....

Herman's were fun because they're local...

The Purple Guy that made First Avenue Famous....

Then it was lunch time, Acoustic Cafe downtown Winona

Something I have not visited before, the Watkins History Museum

My most direct connection to Watkins Products, other than seeing their old bottles in pantry's and laying among the junk in piled up machine sheds was their 'Nectar'.  Every summer my brother and I would be talked into visiting the neighbor's farm to help Leonard clean out his chicken coop (it had been moved, our mom attended 1-8 grade in the very building).  When done with the hard, dirty and sweaty job, Leonard would say, "let's go in and get some nectar...".  Wife Rose would have the table set with cookies and on the counter were bottles with pumpers, filled with various flavors of concentrate to be mixed with water.  I'll never forget them and was disappointed to not see any of those bottles today.

New products for sale...patrons came into the store asking for soap..."Sorry, we can't keep up...."

Take note you sales people....

After leaving the museum, I crossed the river into Wisconsin and climbed the bluff up County M, Kinstone my destination.

There were many I didn't was getting hot out there and forgot my hat (remembered my mask).

On the way home....

To avoid missing any details...

Point-No-Point on Lake Pepin from the Wisconsin side....we live over there.

I moved a lot further around than he did....

Two nights ago, Peg whipped this up....there was no more this evening.

Last night, Risotto w/fresh sweetcorn.  It was great but tonight, cold, almost better!  Plus, my Whitefish accompanied the rice....close to perfection!

A full weekend planned, this time I won't be alone in the woods.  Hopefully a quick Post or two while I'm out.


  1. Sorry about the too-wide photos, new software and assumed that it would be taken care of. I'm not going to fix it this time, will get the next one right.

  2. I was a door to door Watkins Man.. for a day... :)

  3. Y'all have kinstones....Utah has vortexes....Colorado just lights up another doobie.