Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Third Week Of July 2021 Vacation - 6/18 -6/27

My July vacation was planned last spring but then grew from that original plan.  A friend wondered if I'd help him with a project up near Lake Mille Lacs, one of his requested weekends the weekend before the Minnesota Moto Guzzi Rally up on our North Shore of Lake Superior in Grand Marais (6/25-6/27).  It seemed a wise choice to bridge the two with a week off.

I haven't spent much time in north central Minnesota, our Iron Range area, as an adult.  There were some State Park camping trips long ago with our parents, plenty of motorcycle and backpacking trips up along the North Shore.  I've never canoed up there as so many have, never been to the Boundary Waters Canoe Area since I've spent no real time in a canoe.

Can you Canoe?

Leaving home early Friday, a casual trip up to the Garrison, MN area to help with my friend's request.

By mid-afternoon, we had most everything covered so I proceeded north to Grand Rapids.  After exploring the town and a park along a more northern, much smaller Mississippi River, I spent the night in the Walmart parking lot.

Just like a real RV'er!!

Saturday morning, up early and off....the huge parking lot left me well rested.

One of my hoped for stops was to be the Tower-Soudan was open, I was there when it opened Saturday morning and the first tour available to enter the mine was going to be at noon.  I saw no hardship in waiting.

More Soudan mine info soon!

After Soudan, back to Vermillion, Mountain Iron, Chisholm and Hibbing.

Another absolute stop was the Discovery Center in Chisholm.

Iron Man....

The Hull Mine....enjoyed it so much that I went back again Sunday morning!

Saturday night, a parking lot sleep in the Hibbing Walmart location.  Early Sunday morning, back up to watch the trucks moving again in the Hull Mine and then at 10 am, the Greyhound Museum.

Finally on Sunday afternoon, it was off to the Whiteface Reservoir campground, reservations for a place to sleep!!

Monday morning, very fresh....42 degrees outside, 50 in the warm and cozy van.


Tuesday it was pavement day to Two Harbors, a place I've traveled  (raced) through many was time to see more of it.

Mark, so glad you stuck around and waited for me to come back.  Really enjoyed our discussion and time together.  Hope your trip was safe and sound back to Michigan!

Started out with sandpaper....

32992.19574 km's on the clock....

Eveleth, Minnesota..

Thursday morning, off to Grand Marais...

The Angry Trout in Grand Marais....

More details as it mellows and finds its way on to page.