Monday, March 25, 2024

Better Check In - 2024/03/25

It's been awhile,  I know but figured I should make my presence known and to let a few of you way out there know that all is well.

Just busy.

Mom is settled in her new home, still second guessing the need for change but my resolve hasn't wavered; she needs the care she's now getting (and paying for).  Her last belongings are finally cleared out of the "3 Months Half Price" storage facility, the space's lease cancelled early.  Plastic tubs of every color, make and description are piled in our garage, squeezed in between and too often towering over motorcycles that I was trying to allow space between.  Not all together a bad thing that we just received 8" of new snow, our largest drop so far this winter.

I got home the other day, all set to get back to my often-interrupted sorting of the thousands of old family photos only to discover that the big double door wouldn't open, wouldn't open like it just had the day before.

Broken spring.

Son Ben and I built the garage, we installed the door and did everything after Rob poured the slab.  Now there was (small) temptation to repair the door mechanism myself but a quick "should I" online and I was easily swayed.  A local guy not only answered the phone, but came on time, fixed the door as promised and did so while I was away at work, bill yet to arrive.  Color us astounded.....this chain of events just doesn't happen, not around here.  Thank you Dave!!

I'm still at Walmart, 4 days/week but that will be changing.  I've got my Class B School Bus CDL Permit (air brakes too) and am now practicing, a driving test in early April.  Soon I will be entrusted to transport local youth.....a seasonal job.

Now, back to family history....

Do you recognize these at all?  I'll bet that you don't.

Kevin and I grew up with these, these slide magazines, each of them full of 36 slides, mostly Ektachrome, Kodachrome though a few Agfachrome.  Gramp had them, dad had them and together, I've inherited just over 100 of these magazines with the oldest dated in the early 1950's.  Gramp had a projector, dad had a projector and now I have both of them.

I fired this projector up last week to see if everything still worked, the bulb most importantly.  There was a bit of oxidation on the aluminum mechanism but a bit of alcohol took that right off.  For your benefit, I went through the two magazines shown above as a sample and to confirm what was ahead.  As time allows my plan is to run through the magazines, keeping/scanning/photographing slides deemed to be Keepers.

A representative sample below from 1962.  A young Dougie and Kevie with their parents, their Auntie and a couple of friends of my grandparents' circle that I don't recognize, there were many that I would have.  I won't keep this slide, it will (someday) be in the Toss bin....there will be too many of the same ilk, both older and newer.

If anyone of you would like this particular one, send a self-addressed, postage-stamped envelope.

Back before the snow and cold that have now stubbornly returned, I did get the 500 Stealth out.  Two loops, one south, one north each just happened to be about 80 miles.  It was wonderful.

South, Zumbrota.....

North, Ellsworth....

We walk.....

We play....

And he sleeps....

Still here, plan to be, still smiling and still feeling blessed.