Monday, February 28, 2022

Peg's Been Busy - 2022/02/28

Peg's been accomplishing something, I've been much less productive but there's little new in that.  Quilting and more quilting is the name of her game.  She finished a big one that she started lo so many months ago.

Then two completed Lap Quilts....Traditional's I believe she called them.

Now the last 3 are in progress....

This one's for my lap and I've been told has my name on it ...Square ;)

As of early this morning.....

I was out with the sidecar today, my major accomplishment but that report will have to wait for this weekend.

One clue....

Friday, February 25, 2022

Snowplowing...last one? - 2022/02/25

Wednesday morning in the dark, 5am ...... so that I could get to work.

Friday morning in the sunny-bright light!


A nice day in the country.

The action shots here....

Sunday, February 20, 2022

Ice!! - 2022/02/20

 I'm not a "Gotta ride every month guy..." but I know a good day when I see one.

That is genu-wine Mississippi River Hard Water!!  I have no idea how much of it is present (right here) but it was a great plenty for 'Ol Coop and his trusty steed, The Rig!

Again, right here.

I'm not the only one ready for a lot more of this... the numbers not the Wintercast.


Crossing the threshold..... 

And off we go!!   

This poor guy took the shortcut, I'm guessing that he had got on the river over in Maiden Rock, Wisconsin.  What he didn't know, possibly forgot is that there's a very shallow sandbar here out from the old Frontenac Hotel site (back in the steamboat paddle days).  They got him out, no one was hurt but there were some wet feet.

Progress was being made, the shallow sandbar is obvious from up high.

Point-No-Point that I'm always going on about.  The Mississippi River makes an almost 90 degree corner here.  Frontenac State Park is up on top and from here with the winter woods view, the old limestone quarry is easily seen.

The former site of the Old Frontenac Lakeside Hotel, a famous stopping point in steamboat days.  For years a Methodist Campus, now under private ownership, the Frontenac Beach to the immediate left.

I was tempted to dip my toes and cool off!

After leaving the ice, I ventured up into Frontenac State Park on the hill.  There has been a lot of tree removal in the park.

The new campground restroom....must be a 5 year project.

You can see the broadening funnel of traffic paths fanning out from across the river at Maiden Rock, Wisconsin.  That ice and where the folks are fishing directly beneath Point-No-Point must be solid.

The thin ice is between these fisher people and just downriver, around the corner where that shallow sandbar protrudes from the point that got the guy in the red pickup in trouble.  There are a lot people below and they drove a long ways, the entire width of Lake Pepin to almost reach the MN shore.  Frontenac State Park's toes are the shoreline.

Seems only fitting that after an easy day on the cold hard ice that we enjoyed some Alaska Salmon, the fish courtesy of a couple of dear friends.

It was very good!

Don't leave yet, you'll most certainly want to better check out a Royal Enfield on a frozen lake.

Sunday, February 13, 2022

Another look back at the MN Iron Range - 2022/02/12

Some un-Posted highlights from last summer's Minnesota Iron Range vacation though there may be a couple of repeats....I'm not going to confirm that each and every one of these is a first-timer.

An implement dealer just outside of Hibbing....

 Implement dealer in our neighborhood....

Mountain Iron.....

My campsite at Whiteface Reservoir....42 degrees outside at wakeup time, 50 degrees in the cozy minivan.

Meeting Mark in Two Harbors...

More turtles soon....

Anyone remember Tripods??

Some rail lines abandoned...


Taconite pellets, spilled from passing trains.....

Many rail lines leading from the various mines in the region to the ports on Lake Superior.

A medical emergency here, an ambulance came and took the driver away.

Ending up in Grand Marais for the Minnesota Moto Guzzi Rally.

And.....some odds and ends here.