Saturday, May 27, 2023

How Our Garden Grows - Memorial Day 2023

DISCLAIMER:  Boring content follows for the crowds not interested in our garden but for the 3 folks that actually have put in a request, here goes....  There will hopefully be more interesting content next week, I'm fully expecting to have an image or two from the Hiawatha BMW Rally at Money Creek, Minnesota.

It has been dry but the early morning watering process is proving fruitful.  New(er) blueberries, 3 varieties of sweet corn and two varieties of potatoes.

Our purple asparagus as been fantastic, sweet and tender!

Asparagus, blueberries and raspberries

Onion sets, chives and garlic chives and a hill of volunteer rhubarb.

Broccoli and kohlrabi

Don't plant mint, it is VERY invasive!!

Green beans where the tomatoes were.  The string climbing frame needs to be moved to where this year's tomatoes are growing.

Cabbage and brussel sprouts

New asparagus

Dry beans and fava beans

More beans

Cauliflower and cabbage


Peppers and onions


Pickling cucumbers

Carrots....just barely peeking through

Carrots and radishes

Grape vines, sugar snap peas and strawberries

I mentioned how dry that it's been at the's too bad we can't find an easy way for Arthur to contribute.....watering that which needs to be watered.

Thursday, May 25, 2023

Brianne And Benjamin's Wedding - 2023/05/20

Their wedding was beautiful, Bri's planning for their special day as well as the actual event amazing.  We of course were honored and very proud to be there.  


Manor At Firetower Hill was the venue, located just outside of Lewiston, MI.

The flower pedals were still present after the ceremony....when these aerial photos were taken.

Bri elegantly descended 3 flights of stairs (train and heels!!) to meet her father as well as her husband-to-be under the shelter roof.

Getting ready....

Peg and I (Arthur too) took an extra day going over, stopping in Escanaba at a fun, cozy and comfortable Airbnb.  I mentioned fun....

Arthur could care less about the Mall Of America....

There's a cinnamon roll under there....

HQ Airbnb near Lewiston....

Peg graciously found a 4 bedroom for family....James and Katlyn, Nich and Hanna.

Next weekend these two guys will be dressed differently and happily resigned to tent dwelling, surrounded by BMW's and lots of Other.

Welcome to the family Bri, another daughter we are so proud of and blessed with.