Sunday, April 20, 2014


Finally some miles were ridden, yesterday was the start of my '14 riding season.  The Ascot the only one taken out and then today, Sunday, a couple more made their own loops out and back.

First the Ascot........the nearby Mount Frontenac Golf Course, up on top of the bluff, Lake Pepin in the background.

Today I was out for multiple rides, first one was on the RT100 for breakfast in Alma.

The Dairyland Coal Powerplant......

Looking upriver to Lock and Dam #4, gates all open due to the spring flood and high water levels.

Another Lake Pepin view, this time a bit upriver at a Public Launch site.

We've been seeing pelicans along the river, their migration north seems to always happen around Easter time.

High water in Red Wing, roads closed.  This view in Levee Park along the waterfront.

 So a few nice and refreshing rides.........another season of riding has begun.