Sunday, February 7, 2016

Morphous On The Lift

Finally getting to the black Yamaha, the long and low scooter is warm and in the shop.  Yesterday I took the old 400 Automatic outside and gave it 15 minutes of exercise to the best of my ability with snow and ice everywhere....which wasn't very much.  Knowing that far too much of our parking area in front of the garage is just about a skating ring, I gingerly waddled the Honda over to the deeper snow, foolishly thinking that with that much side to side 'resistance', I'd at least be able to idle through the 5" of fresh snow that we received the other weekend (no knee high boots required in our neighborhood).

It didn't work.

Still fumbling with the idle speed and idle mix screws, engaging Speed 1 left the rear wheel spinning and it spun so freely in the snowy yard that I wondered if I'd missed something and failed to engage the transmission.  One, almost fall down look at the rear tire told me that the wheel was going around but we weren't going anywhere.  A bit of paddling, just enough traction to put the bike down and on its side.  Oh well, it's running well enough for a road test when road tests are again reasonable.  For now, back into the garage in one of the snug corners.

I purchased tires for the Yamaha Morphous almost a year ago, looked in my PDF manual at the instructions for removal of the rear wheel and decided, "not now but soon."  Anxious to use it more last summer, especially since both it and the Helix were ready for tires, the Honda's tire much more in need of a change, it wasn't a big season of scooter riding though I did take the Morphous on a few short rides, willing to use up that last of those wear bars.  So, in a word, I was intimidated by the look and scope of the project.

Taking this black bull by the horns, I finally went at the project this morning, printing out the 8 or 10 pages of the manual relevant to the tire change.  Last night I spent time looking through the convoluted instructions...."See Engine Removal - Section 1-4"....."See Swingarm Removal - Section 3-17" ....."Remove Muffler"....."Remove Tool Tray"  and on and on.  I thought rear wheel removal on the Helix was bad.

I decided to trade some scuffed up fingers for leaving one of the body panels in place and I'd do it again, gladly.

Here, the wheel off but only after various body panels, the muffler, swingarm and too many other odd bits had to come off first.  Brake caliper hung from Zip ties.  I should be thankful that I didn't have to drain the coolant and interrupt the brake line I suppose.

Speaking of muffler, it almost broke my arm when that last bolt came loose.

Take a look at the bolts, fitments and hookups on the swingarm....hopefully I'll be able to get everything back together without any extra parts left over.

It might be best to not wear this tire out, instead push the scoot aside, polish it up and take THIS one to next year's Bike Show for parking.  Only another 11 years until it's ready for the Vintage classification.