Saturday, April 11, 2015

Plum City?

Eric wrote this week, asking for some suggestions about roads to explore in the area around Plum City and of course I accepted the challenge.

This was the plan.....

This is what we did.......

Our planned breakfast meeting was 9AM so that meant I had to be on the road by 8:15.  Frost overnight, it was just easing past 40 when I fired up the Honda.

South of Lake City, Lake Pepin on my left.

Shortcut into Wabasha.......the railroad ties actually smooth out if you get your speed just right.

Crossed the river into Wisconsin, here the main river is on my right, bluffs on the left.

Eric had twice as far to go as I did and arrived only a few short minutes after me.  There were 2 Specials on the breakfast menu and we each went that way.  Now full and will begin following the purple line on my GPS.

Down Center Creek Road, the curly, twisty part freshly paved!!

The greenest thing around, this winter wheat field.  It won't be long and the woods will shame this faint hue.

We took a rougher access road to a secluded access point for the Tiffany Bottoms.  A very informative and fun way to explore the area is to ride the train.  I did it a few years ago, had a blast and strongly encourage you to give it a try.

Working our way west and north away from the Chippewa River, we turned left onto Goat Back Road.

This farmer's dogs left us alone this time.  I've posted before and warn everyone that joins me on this stretch of road about there being up to 3 hounds that come a' chasin'.  We saw only one today and it simply sat and watched us pass, the first time that I can remember going by without a single high speed pursuit.  I waved here.....a friendly and considerate gesture regardless of what the pups may do up ahead.

Our stop at Plum City, Eric checking out the busy Trout Pond.

We sat on the benches, soaked up the sun and refreshed with the breeze.

After working our way back out to the coast at Maiden Rock, we stopped at this Scenic Wayside, the location directly across the river from the place we call home.

Leaving the Mississippi again at Stockholm, Wisconsin Rustic Road #20 was our goal.  This is the one with 4 water crossings.  This "Road Closed" sign is a Winter sign, our season is currently Spring.

 Sometimes we stop and talk for awhile......

Even with lots of sand still present in some of the very worst of places on County "D", we had fun, worked our way over through downtown Arkansaw, crossed the Chippewa River to Durand where we witnessed busy fishermen and a mooring airboat.

This concludes today's Pepin County exploration.  We'll most likely do it again sometime though not until after I go visit Eric's neighborhood first.