Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The Best Surprise

I'm way over quota for Posts this week but this one just has to be published.

Our daughter Lauren is home this summer after completing her Masters from USC last spring.  She's been auditioning all over our country and an adjacent one, hoping to land a symphony orchestra seat soon while looking for part time work here in Minnesota.  In the meantime, she and Peg have been sharing kitchen expertise almost daily and I've been the richer for it. 

The Triple Berry pie has been made public, so has last night's partial cherry harvest.  When Lauren texted Peg and I today at work that we'd come home to a surprise, we both expected a warm cherry pie to go along with the now-frozen  homemade ice cream that was whipped up last night.

This evening's surprise was warm but it wasn't a cherry pie........

Our little 6'5" Marine is home from North Carolina.  We knew that Ben was being discharged "around the first of August" but full details have been sketchy; it now seems that was on purpose.  Ben's sisters all knew, only mom and dad were in the dark.

There will be enough pie for 4 whenever one gets oven'd and my goodness is it wonderful to have him home!!