Monday, August 13, 2018

Busy But Less So

A busy time but some necessary and good things were taken care of last weekend.  This Post would have been completed Sunday night if our Internet service hadn't been down.

Early Friday afternoon Aunt Irene was laid to rest in northern Wisconsin, a small funeral with family and friends from days past.  Mom and I rode together, had a nice chance to talk about many of those same days past.

No sooner home, I jumped in one of the other cars and headed up to the Twin Cities suburbs for my first car replacement shopping.....didn't like what I saw.  Saturday morning, I jumped on the Guzzi and visited 3, wound up buying the 3rd one I looked at. 

We'll take delivery mid-week.

Sunday morning early, once the fog started to clear, I was back on the RE.  I decided that it was "H" Sunday; Himalaya and Hyosung.

Balance and moderation....moderation and Balance.

For sale in Wabasha.....

Finally late Sunday afternoon....I remembered that dad had never seen the Hyosung.