Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Over The Last Few Days..

First full weekend of April, 2020, our hayfield isn't yet green.

Our new siding....

The new deck will be started tomorrow.

Mississippi River in Red Wing approaching official flood stage.  Notice that more of the old Eisenhower bridge is gone on the Wisconsin side.

Early Saturday morning in our new kitchen....

Saturday morning after the fresh snow...

Most likely the first of a few refunds for rallies being cancelled.

 Sunday morning in our back yard, one of the tame ones and there are many.

 Peg had asked a week or so ago if I'd ever stopped to really look at the old building foundations just off the Sand Point Trail in Frontenac State Park and suggested that I go soon to take a look if not.   I knew there were some stones there but in summer with the foliage and tall grass, I'd never known the extent of all the ruins.  Sunday she'd gone for a walk and some time later, I started out on a ride and passed her on the road just a little ways before the trail head so I stopped, the perfect time for her to show me what she'd seen.

Sand Point Trail starts here....

At the "X"....

Only after looking at our area's historian, Lorry Wendland's book, 828 pages worth, did I discover more about the buildings and commerce that had actually taken place here.

 Lauren walks the trail often, Peg's been there more than I have.  We used to walk out there as a family and what was so cool about being right out on the point was that it felt like we were out in the middle of Lake Pepin when in reality, we almost were.

Maybe not half way across but depending on river levels, the point can reach a long ways toward Wisconsin.

After traipsing about in the forest, I got back on the scooter and went for a ride.

Sunday afternoon, back to Red Wing to check up on the rising river...

More water than Friday!

Tuesday evening, so pleasant in Wabasha!!

This wasn't harsh 105 degree heat August haze, this was Spring fresh, warm, soft glow and I needed to give it a hug.

Almost home, Old Frontenac flooding has returned and I thought about giving it a try....what could go wrong???