Sunday, January 25, 2015

A Wealth Of Riches

The other day a copy of an area newsletter was sent to me, jogging my memory of an afternoon I spent in September back in 2009.  It was a Saturday and a result of something I'd seen on my way home from work the day before.  South from the Twin Cities, just into Red Wing, I met 4 or 5 Vincent motorcycles.  Now meeting 4 or 5 (even 40 or 50) H.D. twins would have been a normal occurrence but 4 or 5 of those H.R.D.'s??

After some online poking around, I found out that a gathering was taking place a couple of towns away so on Saturday, I fired up the Helix and headed west.  A wonderful bonus that day was that friends Walter and Elaine showed up as well, they on another twin but theirs was a big V Yamaha.

This one was more in the spirit of things than my yellow one was.......

I have no idea how many parts make up a put-together Vincent but let's just say 1000 for a round number.  When I first arrived, 750 of them on this guy's bike were spread out on the parking lot.  Most everything by this time was back in place.

Leaning different ways.......