Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Social Media - 1882

It was different back then...but not all that much.

Christmas Day, 1881.  My great great grandmother Lydia Hulburt gave this to her daughter Harriet (Hattie) whom had turned 16 years old only 4 days before.  Mother Lydia was almost 45.

I'm guessing that young Arthur from Sparta, Wisconsin mistakenly wrote the year as was only January 7th and I'll bet that for 7 days he'd been mistakenly using the wrong date on every check that he wrote.

A Merry Christmas wish from Hattie's little sister Luella, almost 9 years old.

Check out this penmanship from Hattie's teacher....her 13 year old sister Emily with another Christmas wish.

That same 1881 Christmas, another holiday wish from her younger sister Julia Alona Hulburt.

Wonderful sentiments all from sisters, friends, teachers, etc.  This entry is the most important one however.  A young A. W. Cooper, a friend 2 years her senior wrote, "Place one link in memory's chain for if we part we may never meet again."

Five years later, they were man and wife.

Hattie at 38 years old......

Albert at 40 years old....

Lydia at 75, her daughter Hattie at 45, Hattie's daughter Josie at 22 and Hattie's granddaughter Pearl at 16 months.

Albert at 54, Hattie at 52, my grandfather Allen at 21, Josie 30 and Lorence 15