Monday, April 22, 2019

A Breakfast On Easter

We had plans but they changed, so a ride was in order....a food ride to be exact, something I've been trying to get ready for during the Off Season.  Since my new 2019 State Park Pass was fresh and new, I thought it would be fun to visit another park that I hadn't been to for a long while, namely Nerstand Woods State Park.

The secret is cutting it very thin....this from the Dollar Store.  I had some of the Minnesota brand at home, no detectable difference.  Hard to beat the convenience and no ice required, a major goal.

In my past, I've done a lot of cooking over wood'll come back to me; I know what to do, I just need to do it.  Fire Management is key with these stoves, even this larger size demands full attention.  My camera jumped in to some Video-all-the-time mode and I cannot kouldn't get it to stop....must have been a Function button that I have forgotten how to use.  Photography suffered as did my fire.  Finally a Factory Reset got us back on track but not until after most of the food preparation had finished.

It was windy and everywhere, everything was soaked.  We had 3.6" of rain the other day, neighbors not all that far away had 6".  Conditions were a factor. :)

There is NO better coffee than AeroPress coffee, especially so in the bush!  When I want it Grand at home, it's not Drip for me, it's AeroPress all the way!!

Pour in the water, not boiling, 190-200 degrees is just about right.  Boiling water burns the beans or so I'm told.  Pour it in, let it seep.....



Cap unscrews, filter and grounds dispose....

Stove, base, etc. folds up in the black pouch.

My first time and some lessons learned.  I had too much stuff along, redundancy intentional because I wasn't trusting myself to make it all work.  Next time, more focus and a smaller kit.