Saturday, August 27, 2022

This Time A Loop South - 2022/08/26

Such a beautiful morning and no real plan so I decided to make the best possible use of the day.


Breakfast enjoyed and my coffee cup empty, I took the Helix home and backed the VStar out, my plan was no plan and didn't know which way I'd turn once I reached the highway.  South, away from the river seemed to be my direction.  I did my best to stick with the County roads, paved, my only plan to continue trending in a southerly direction.

A bunch of new roads for me in an area I've seldom traveled through.  This is downtown Rock Dell, never been before.

Selling tires in Mower County looks an opulent business to be in!  Maybe the business belongs to Pops?!

This set was small block Chevy-sized compared to the ones I'd just passed....that set must have gone on for half a mile.

Go ahead, take a look.....

I managed pavement all day....that is until I got to the Mower/Fillmore County line where they must not have been able to agree on who had what.

My job takes me down US 63 often, crossing from Minnesota into Iowa just outside of Chester, IA.

Steve's grandfather owned and operated the Hardware store, the brick building on the corner, for many years.  It appears that business is going well for the Amish Furniture Store in the next block.

I stopped in Ostrander, hoping for lunch at Suzie's but she was closed for remodeling so my plan was to stop for a sandwich and some chips at The Competitor's once in Iowa.

On my many trips through Chester, just down the road is the big sign for Lime Springs.  I've been very curious and as things turned out for Friday's ride, Lime Springs had become the trip's goal, something I only slowly realized.

I'm always interested in these small towns that once surrounded a railroad right of way through town.  I didn't know that a rail line passed through town beforehand but it's not hard to tell if you know what to look for.

The park and campground adjacent to the Old Mill looked beautiful and looked to be a very nice place to stay.

Acres and acres, miles and miles of carbon dioxide conversion...

Friday Fish Fry in Wabasha...

What a day!!

Friday, August 26, 2022

A blog Short - 2022/08/26

 Real time, we couldn’t wait, the eggs will get cold. 

Wednesday, August 24, 2022

Another Full August Weekend - 2022/08/22

First of all, we'll begin with Peg's being away from Minnesota.  No, she's not in Las Vegas.

While I've been enjoying myself in Minnesota and our bordering State, Wisconsin...I like it here.

The accumulated miles ridden, multiple trips on more than one bike.

The Northern rides...

and the Southern rides.

Chris and his family used to run our ground....he's selling sweet corn today.

The yellow submarine is still there...

"Everything ok?"

If I'd have seen an open door, I'd have stopped to say hello to Jim.

I went up river only far enough to hit the apex of Point No Point.

A beautiful, perfect evening!