Thursday, June 22, 2017

VJMC 2017 Show - Minnesota Chapter

This image (yellow background, couple on a Yamaha) was chosen for the back of this year's T-shirt and became the flyer for this year's VJMC Show, Minnesota Chapter.

As our President Todd mentioned to me, 200 bikes did get registered, confirmation of our claim of "100's of Bikes.....".  Actually, the final tally was 215 entries, 80 of which belonged to our local VJMC members.

The trophy's....combination wrenches, chromed and engraved....

....and the big 24" adjustable.

My friend Steve introduced me to Paul who has a great deal of fabrication experience and skill.  Here he was describing how he needed a fender ornament that he did not have, carved a wooden mold and cast his own emblem (not on this bike, but one just like it).

 Much like the fender emblem, one of Paul's NSU bikes was missing the air cleaner box (left side of photo and the tool box (right side).  He formed his own, copying the originals.

From the Montgomery Wards catalog.....

The posters!!  I just couldn't get enough of the posters!!

Lee Roy Mitzel once again brought just a few from his fantastic collection....incredibly fine, some extremely rare and all wonderfully shared for us to get a good look at.


Honda's first 4-stroke.....

Ron and Stan....not exactly's nothing like any of their machines.

 Not sure about its power output but if decibels equate in any way, this thing could launch the Space Shuttle.

 Marketing can make the difference.....

 These always catch my eye....this one's for sale and I'm trying not to think about it.

 Another one of Scott's extremely Fine fabrication projects; this one a Honda GB500.  You've seen some of his other bikes in my other Postings.  The Gladius most recently and his Guzzi previously.  He's got years and years of metal and fiberglass bodywork under his belt.


....and with

The Judges in process.......I don't know how they do it!


 Mike's CX500 trike.....

 This Indian is a 3/4 size, built for clowns.....REAL clowns.

 An I.V. stand, complete with a couple of bottles of Castrol keeping this BSA well fed and alive....I had another photo of the bottles but lost it somehow.