Saturday, October 27, 2018

That Last Yamaha...A Honda Too

Didn't think it was going to happen, expected rain all day and though there were some drops early, by afternoon no more rain.  I tried to start the TW and there wasn't enough battery to make sufficient spark, then put the Gentle Charger on it and pushed the Honda Auto 400 out instead.  Even with good spark, that one takes some effort to get running after sitting for weeks.  Since I'd hoped to go for a ride on each of them, it didn't matter in what order they rolled.

Some gooey roads...just like last weekend.

Sometimes almost blue sky.... my GPS batteries had run out.

This farm once belonged to my uncles; I put a lot of hay in that barn and later loaded/hauled a lot of manure back to the fields.

This farm belonged to my grandfather before I was born....I have the specifications for the home that our family had built.  I'm putting together a package of documents that will be presented to the current owner.

The Red Wing waterfront and grain elevators...

Today was the Trunk and Treasures event at the city's Baypoint Park.

Hay Creek campground, a very popular place for horse owners to stay while trail riding in the area.

Another Minimum Maintenance Road...

A straight line after the GPS quit recording while I was on the Honda.

These two are now getting tucked away for winter....still a bike or two available for a ride.

Friday, October 26, 2018

The Three Yamaha's

Not all that different than The Three Tenors....mine all have distinctly different voices.   Once again (hopefully a broken record) I had planned no riding for the weekend based on a wet, cold forecast.  This morning's wind was calm, the temperatures moderate in the mid-40's and though cloudy, there were bright spots in the sky.  It seemed like a good day to get the Yamaha's out for a run; getting all 4 out would be a challenge because there were actually some other things that needed to be done and yet, if the rides weren't too extravagant, the 4 of them should have been able to run long enough to get truly warmed up with a few more miles total on the odo's.

Today's numbers, the three bikes combined for 137 miles.

Blueberry/Raspberry to keep the home fires burning.

Bumbleberry consumed on the premises.

In the Givi hump bag...ride safe precious cargo!!!

Never had a tank bag on this one before but today the Volt jacket and my phone charger were plugged in.  The Zumo could have been; the Oregon was along instead and doesn't need a cord.

2nd kick, how good is that??

The loop on Ol' Blue got cut short; sprinkles turning into real rain and besides, it was getting to be late enough in the afternoon that I needed to take care of some shopping for mom.  So the TW200 awaits while these 3 will get pushed as deep in the garage as there's room.

Thursday, October 25, 2018

Makes A Better Photograph.....

By late summer I was quite sure that I'd pass the 7k mile total on the Himalaya this season and this evening it happened.  A wet and cool weekend is predicted .... but the annual Swan Ride happens the first Sunday in November so we may not be done yet....:)  I was almost home this evening from my ride when I saw the odometer read 6995 and a quick estimate of my distance from home told me that I'd get the 7000 mark before making it to the garage.  Arriving home from work this afternoon, 55 degrees and quite cloudy combined with this weekend's forecast got me out quickly to the garage; Riding Weather!

 It's been awhile since I'd been out to the Cannon Bottoms and it seemed like a good place to visit this afternoon.  The Mississippi is still (again) high and it said, "ROAD CLOSED".

 Prairie Island Nuclear generation is less than a mile away.

Wasn't gonna do it......

On the way to Welch....