Friday, October 25, 2019

First Hard Frost 2019

Breakfast this morning, perfectly and nicely fine for a frosty weekend morning.  I treat myself on the weekend, oat bread with peach jam from Sunrise Bakery (Pa's Road) and coffee.  Weekdays are nothing like this.

 First ride for the clutchless 400 since early Spring, tough starting but we got it going.  I still enjoy it, fun because it's different.  

Right at 50 miles, a nice mix of pavement and gravel.

The Special ....and it was.

Riding season isn't over yet but that SNOW word has been receiving more and more mention.

Wednesday, October 23, 2019

An October Weekend Of Himalayan

The Royal Enfield Himalayan appears to have come through its water ordeal remarkably well, possibly even stronger for the adversity!!

Hoping the riding season is not yet complete!

Sunday, October 13, 2019

For The Record

It's running again.  I put 25 miles on it this afternoon and as far as I can tell, it's running as well as ever.  It was a challenging week though for ol' Coop while we got to  this point.

I mentioned in the last blog that I'd drained oil mid-week....that was incorrect; I've been an oil changing fool.  I drained everything I could last Sunday night as soon as it was off from the trailer.  Unlike most of the time when I drop oil on any of the machines and I wait a few hours, every oil change and there was more than one this week, lasted 24 hours.

The sequence was....
  • Sunday oil and filter drained...looked as though there were 4 quarts (2 too many) in the pan, plug pulled, turned the motor over a few cranks as water shot out.  Put transmission in 5th gear and rolled the rear wheel to move off of TDC.  Squirted some fresh oil in the cylinder and rolled the wheel another turn.  Pulled the air filter, must have weighed 2 pounds.
  • Monday, crankcase filled with 5 quarts (3 too many) of no-name 10-40 dino oil
  • Tuesday, oil dropped, all 5 quarts, obviously still traces of water.
  • Wednesday, buttoned it up with a new filter and proper level of 20-50 synthetic.  I had just put a new Iridium plug in before last weekend, put the old spark plug in.  Started the bike for the first time since home.  It took a bit but settled into an idle, sounding like it was missing the restriction of the air filter.  A stream of water flowing out between the pipe and muffler.  My nice clean garage door got shot with oily, misty water vapor.  I looked at the oil level sight glass and saw a rich mocha color.  Guessing water still in the breather, ??  Drained the expensive waterous synthetic and pulled out a very chocolate-colored oil filter.
  • Saturday, stopped at GoMoto after coffee at Diamonds and purchased a dry air filter and a couple more oil filters.  I asked Marty early week if he had any Himalayan air filters.  "We've got the normal ones, no waterproof ones."  Filled in a couple quarts of the oil I buy in bulk and use in every other one of the bikes, 10-40 Valvoline Motorcycle Oil.  With that, an old oil filter that I'd for some reason kept (don't ask me, I have no idea why...)  Installed the new air filter
  • Sunday, this morning.  Waited for 40 degrees outside between sleet, rain and sun showers.
  • Sunday afternoon, put 25 miles on the bike
  • This week a new oil filter and new synthetic, new plug back in and hopefully some more carefree miles before snow. 

Thanks to everyone for the encouraging words, offers of help, offers of deep water riding lessons, criticisms and everything else.  It's been a busy week of correspondence. :)

The Craig's ad for the pontoon boat seemed like a reasonable price for what it was but I have little to no interest in becoming a skipper, thanks for the heads-up though.  And then there was the link for the's possible that in this context that might not look like a blowup doll .....were you on the right page.... maybe someone else was the intended for that link??  Regardless, I am into re-purposing.

Saturday, October 12, 2019

An Outlier Week

Monday Tuesday Wednesday;  these the afternoons I had a bike out for a ride.  Lovely afternoons made for late Fall exploring, 235 cumulative-worth.   After coming home from work each day, afternoons made for riding.

More soon on the Himalayan status as it dries out and gets running again.

Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Slimey Crud Run (Weekend) October 2019

WATEROUS - Revolutionary Fire Pump and Fire Suppression Equipment Since its humble beginnings in 1886, Waterous has continued to develop revolutionary fire suppression ...

I knew that it was a local company but always thought it was a funny word.  Water-us is what we were in this weekend and the most water-us we made contact with was my fault and we'll get there, but not yet....

Steve arrived at the campground Thursday evening, Eric rode in and I drove in, both of us there at 8:30 on the dot Friday morning.  Steve, already unloaded, Eric quickly pulled his luggage off and I had to get the Himalayan off the trailer.  Then, we were on the road in no time.

Friday's ride....

Late lunch in LaFarge at Phil n Deb's....

Ski Hill Road and a part of the Mississippi Valley Conservancy (MVC) in the Kickapoo Valley.

Back in the Amish neighborhoods, Vernon County.

 We stopped at Trail's End to do some shopping....we came away with Jam and a back scratcher. 


There was a stop at Sunrise Bakery on Pa's Road....more commerce was practiced.


Steve's making room for his dunkin' doughnuts....I offered to find space but he seemed skeptical of my intentions.  I found room for my 6" blueberry pie.

Kickapoo Korners for lunch....

Steve's road atlas open not to Wisconsin....  instead Alaska.

Kevin arrived, we unloaded his KLR and rode into Richland Center for the Buffet.  A fuel stop was made, then back to camp for our campfire.

Saturday morning, some soft showers but the radar not looking the best.

 We gave it our best shot....then turned back from here at Rolling Ground.  Thanks to the Rolling Ground Tavern for some temporary respite under the shelter.

It just kept keeping on....

Ear buds, MP3 player, audio book, some dancing, and as they say, whatever it took.  Still, an enjoyable afternoon.  Steve and Eric donned some dry duds, Eric climbed in for an afternoon nap and later Steve joined me, putting a stop to my dancing.

Sunday morning, bright, shiny and a bit warmer.  Greg had ridden down on his ST1100 late Saturday, arriving after dark and after I was in my jammies and almost asleep.

Coffee time for a new day......

Look at that way were we going to get wet on Sunday!!

You might notice that Sunday's yellow track is not a loop....

My planned path.....

Here's some of our riding....and some of our wading...

My Himalayan on the trailer, Greg ready to ride back home.  Steve staying another night but getting ready to venture out for some more exploring.

In Steve's travels, he managed to catch the tail end of the antique truck and tractor show at the fairgrounds.  He also scored many slices of pie.

Our weekend  My weekend miles ridden....

It's dawning on me that some changes need to be made to my Pie Chart.  Or, likely better, I need an additional Pie Chart.
  • One set of data...Trailer Miles Traveled
  • Another set of data....Trailer Rescue Miles Traveled
Many thanks to Alana Springs for once again providing such a wonderful space for us to have our fun.  More thanks that I can possibly send to my heroic friends for their help and sacrifice last weekend.  They quite literally pulled me out of a horrible jam, a memorable ADVenture that none of us will ever forget.  The Himalayan is still draining, so are my boots.