Friday, January 20, 2023

Plowing Snowmen - 2023/01/20

A new layer, 5-6" of snow that didn't necessarily fall wet but quickly became so.  As I plowed, the 'leavings' reminded me of snowmen bases.  The process was a bit more challenging but the waves of wet snow sliding on our glare ice driveway was actually kind of fun.

The video is here

Saturday, January 7, 2023

A Lovely 1° - 2023/01/07

It will be warm(er) later, but the air is full of cold moisture and I believe, an air inversion with warmer air above.  Not so hot for breathing but lovely in its own cold, hazy way.

The deer (same few late every afternoon) continue to forage our dead-fall apples.

And on to other 'wildlife', this fall a new Stray arrived and we have to believe it's a Tom.  Seemingly refined and polished, at least compared to the other temporary lodgers we've had over the years, I have to wonder if he wasn't dropped off.  To our knowledge, he doesn't associate any of the neighbors with 'home'.

He's been spending a lot of time here....he and of course the bunny raggits.

Another thing noticed this morning, a cat/coyote crossing.

Just before Christmas, we had another one of those Magical Mornings, too nice to keep the drone cooped up inside.

I've been noticing Sir Eagle watching over our little corner of the valley.  Fine by long as he avoids chickens.  Often he's not alone, his partner his accompanist.

All in all, I'm calling it a gentle winter in our valley so far.  Those that live in and closer to the Twin Cities would beg to differ.  They've had substantially more snow....we're quite satisfied with what we've been given.