Tuesday, October 24, 2023

Picnic Lunch At The Zumbro - 2023/10/23

After a morning's worth of chores, a quick ride was in order.  I put a sandwich together, put some coffee in my thermos and headed out, quickly narrowing down where I'd stop.  Lots of choices but I was after some quiet privacy, the Public Landing on the Zumbro River in Theilman would fit my bill.

Macintosh, my favorites!

It was really windy but the drone did very well!

A pleasant lunch in some very wonderful afternoon touch-n-go sunshine.  The weather the predictions are going, this was likely my last ride.....in October.

Friday, October 20, 2023

The Open House - 2023/10/19

Somehow we'd heard of an Open House at a credit union in Black River Falls, Wisconsin just a few days prior and thought it might be a good excuse for a bike ride.  Who wouldn't be excited about a CU open house....free coffee, brats, cake, money.....Ron's bike after all needed to be warmed up for his end of season oil change....a 300+ mile plus day for him should have been enough.  My day was 231 and my oil was indeed warm.  But as Thursday morning dawned I'll admit that we all began to have 2nd thoughts.  A cool, potentially wet-enough day made free coffee (we didn't have a lot of hope for free money) sound like a distant 2nd when we could have coffee in our nice warm and dry homes.

Still, common sense prevailed.  The ride was the exact right thing to do.

But before I highlight the day I've got to share last evening's beauty in the sky....a fitting wrap up to our day, doubles if you squint.

OK, back to our Open House adventure.....I took the yellow one, seemed season apropos.

Going To was the southern plan, we rode the From together until just before I crossed the river.  Ron, Greg and Steve still had to get back to the Twin Cities area.  By that time they had beautiful skies (warmer) in which to make their trips home.

 Our leaves have to be at peak this weekend....

I'd encourage any open house visit to begin with a hearty breakfast...

I did.

There was a sign at one of the many Farm Markets and orchards along the way..."Honk If You're Hooty!"  Believe you me, I was feeling very hooty and let my left thumb do its thing with abandon!

I was on the combined WI 93/54 right here, about to turn on to 54 at the upcoming split.  The last time that my Honda Helix was on this road I crossed the entire state of Wisconsin on 54, Washington Island coffee my destination.

Stopped at the Melrose corner, a nostalgic and hand warm-up event.  At this point,, my GPS was saying that I'd make the Open House at 11:50, our target arrival.  Ten minutes here blew my schedule out of the water.

I did not know....

Garmin wanted me to take Cutoff Road....I disagreed.

Now I'm back on the plan....

I don't know what got into me....I certainly knew better.  I turned off on 8th and rode up to the Drive Thru....NOT the main office.

Here we go, it's right over there.....

Steve kindly put this bundle together for a farmer guy we'd had contact with but had as of that time, not met face to face.  We would solve that problem in an hour or so.

Note Steve's heated gear as he pulled up beside me....his thermostat on his 'Stich, the yellow knob just below his forearm.  Multiple items of heated gear, not sure what all the knob(s) control.  I wore my Warm Bib, draws only 30 watts, much more in keeping with my smaller, less electronically capable machines compared to Steve's big Concours.

This is my seasonal, Micky Mouse setup to run my Zumo on the Helix.  In the early days, all of my Garmin's were powered by the cig lighter sockets.  Now I have to run the Zumo/Bib cables to my SAE plug below my hip.

 Lunch w/cake was served to very busy farmer in the midst of harvest.

I was excited....a chance to run a part of County D that I'd never ridden before.  I forget a lot of things, but NOT something like that.

We had some drops along County's D, T and I (bridge out) .....

We pulled in to regroup and use the facilities

I was making up our trip as I went and right up until downtown Arcadia, I was in control.  But a blocked railroad crossing required a new plan.  An easy detour would have been easy but a new plan quickly came to mind....and I'm glad that it did.

Off the Cutoff and ready to turn right onto Pretzel Pass

A hard right onto Alligator Slide....

The famous church on County G....

Lower Eagle Valley....

I needed fuel in Alma, the red bar hadn't quite started blinking yet

We split up in Alma, they up WI 35, I crossed the river at Wabasha

Seems everywhere I go, Flagmen and Single Lane....

Coming into Lake City, almost home

A great day, thanks to the fine folks at CCU, Co-Op Credit Union in Black River Falls.  We're all very glad that we made the trip, enjoying their hospitality!