Sunday, June 12, 2022

Circle Tour, Day 7 (home) - 2022/06/12

Home, safe, sound and very content with my week's travels.  A unique day in its own way, not as many stops....or photos.  I'd like to do the day justice with everything that went so well but I'm running out of time this evening to do the Post justice.  I made enough spelling and grammatical errors last night, I'd prefer not to make as many mistakes in the next one.

299 miles for the day...biggest mileage day of the trip and very close to my preferred Daily Limit now that I'm in my dotage.  It was easy though ;)

Essentially only two highways, Hwy 13 from Ashland up through Red Cliff and west along the shore to Superior.  From there, Hwy 35 the entire way until I crossed back into Minnesota at Red Wing.  An 8:30 start, the Scarabeo told me 53 degrees which was a huge improvement from my weather App which was reporting 47.  I saw 60 north of Bayfield but when I descended into Cornucopia we dropped back to 50.  West of Port Wing, closer to the Brule River, it dipped to 49.  I was quite a ways into my day before we got to 70.

1411 miles for my week in total.  This map looks (almost) exactly as I'd hoped.  That little Cyan bud should have grown east.

It's good to be home.  Speaking of home, Ben will be home this week.  We'll together have some more pretty maps very soon and very soon I'll come back with more about my last day.  Thanks for joining my along the way!


  1. Thanks for taking us along on the ride! I'll have my Marinette Co research posted soon.