Wednesday, June 8, 2022

Circle Tour, (wet) Day 3 - 2022/06/08

Rain had been predicted, most of the afternoon rain and that is what we received.  From my window this morning around 5:30.  "......riders take warning..."

I was out the parking lot around 7:30 in light rain from East Troy.  At 9:30 I pulled over in downtown Theresa for gas, to stop and to warm up with some coffee and a breakfast sandwich.  I was wet and needed a break from watching the temperature gauge on the Scarabeo drop a degree every so often.  It was 59 degrees when I left, the lowest that I saw while riding was 53.

This was the planned GPS Route...

Due to my weather discomfort, here's what I accomplished.

That little jag almost in the middle is where I decided to hop on I-40 and get to Green Bay pronto.  I honestly did want to get over to the shore but looking forward to even cooler temps and more hard rain was just beyond my tolerance.  I had stayed dry but not for long enough.  My shortcut did my Circle Tour no favors but in my small defense, I've actually ridden and explored the smaller, shore-hugging roads on numerous occasions.

This morning with a stop at my favorite lakeside park in mind, I had my stove, grinder and coffee beans right on top for fast easy dry access and all morning was looking forward to setting up under the shelter for some hot brew.

The Ducati had been there, the TranZalp (Honda V-twin Ascot) and the Hyosung GTR250.  I'm willing to share.....Amsterdam Road east of Cedar Grove.

Today it was not sunny and I never made the shore.

Nature Road...


Here's Theresa and my coffee/sandwich stop....

Entering the I-41....this was not a day for the TW200!

A late lunch stop.  Yes, the cup on a post is missing.

I'm typing from the airport motel in Green Bay this evening and the weather has turned lovely.

Since I decided to motel it every night, it was decided that I'd do no eating out, my poor tips.  I tip well.  Coffee and maybe some nuts for breakfast early, maybe a Kwik breakfast sandwich mid-morning and if not, a Kwik sandwich for lunch.  Tonight was my third Kwik Trip take home meal for dinner in the microwave, some Ellsworth cheese curds for dessert (Kwik) too.  Other than a tank fill at the convenience store in Theresa, all of the Scarabeo fuel has been Kwik.  The remaining meals and tank fills will be as well.  Hey, it's a Wisconsin theme!!

I'm sure that my endorsement agreement's ink is drying and Mr. Kwik is waiting until I get home to push "SEND".

168 miles today, tomorrow will be more productive in every way as I work north with a westerly vector.

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