Friday, June 10, 2022

Circle Tour, Day 5 - 2022/06/10

A lovely morning and a lovely day.  I almost stopped more than once early to put on my last layer but was determined that the sun was going to take care of things with a bit of patience.  By late morning, the first and second layer were taken off.

The trip so far......tonight's total is 1075 miles.  I was in Michigan 2 times today.

I'm sorry.

Close to a 7:30 start, a gas fill and north I went on Hwy 47.

Had to go back for this one too....

Stopped at multiple County Parks....

Rustic Road 60 has special significance, something I only learned today once I started seeing the signs.

When I next had cell service I looked it up.  RR #60 is lined and canopied by trees but the County has decided to cut everything down within 13 of the fog line on both sides.  I don't have images of the piles of wood chips...the trees didn't look harvested, only shredded. every variety.

First foray into Michigan today....Cty G is RR #100

Visitor Center mural highlighting the area's mining...Cady and Montreal mines.

Saxon Harbor, Lake Superior




Superior Falls, Xcel energy has a dam holding back the Montreal River just before it (really) drops into Lake Superior.  This was my 2nd visit to Michigan today.

And then my first real gravel of the trip....a dandy it was too!!

This afternoon after I'd checked in the motel in Ashland.

Two images highlighting history.....

...and one present day

177 miles for a most wonderful day.  Tomorrow's plans are still up in the air.


  1. Enjoy'n yer adventures.... there are no " plans "... just discoveries :)

    1. Thanks Mike, it's been great fun, just what my doctor should have ordered.

  2. Personally, I like it when the brush is cut back from the road. Less likely to be surprised by deer or other wildlife.

    1. Very true for safety reasons and I agree. But these roads are intentionally unique. Often narrow, low visibility, sometimes a bit rough. The idea is to slow down and appreciate. I'm sure that the Commissioners are concerned about the safety issues. There are other Wisconsin roads with this distinction not so different. I can understand the plea from local residents.