Tuesday, June 7, 2022

Circle Tour, Day 2 - 2022/06/07

It just so happens that I made another 8:30 start from Platteville, a restful night at the Super 8 and here's the day's progress under lovely blue skies.

The Circle's progress....


Starting out from Platteville on Cty D I went south and a bit west to almost catch Sinsinawa before swinging east on Hwy 11.  Yes, I stopped for a couple of barns today.

There are still a great number of Holstein dairy cattle outside in SW Wisconsin but the majority of them do not have full udders.  As I moved east during the day, cattle numbers out and about dwindled but the dozen or so huge dairies that I rode past made up for the numbers.  Their cows were inside.

 Not quite done...

I almost always get a wave...

East on Hwy 11 I had to stop and turn back to catch these aliens.

While visiting the Belmont/Lake Joy area for various Wisconsin Moto Guzzi Rallies, I've ridden some of these roads, especially the smaller 'Named' roads so I was somewhat familiar with the area, having crossed into IL on a couple of occasions.  But as I was getting closer to Hazel Green one of those trips began to flood my memory banks.  In 2009 I rode the TW200 from home down to the Guzzi Rally (didn't own a Guzzi then....), rode the Cheese Country Trail on that Saturday and on Sunday morning rode down to south of Hazel Green on the IL border to begin my Trans Wisconsin Adventure Trail trek.

Sinsinawa Road and in multiple locations the WI/IL border.  Here you can see Sinsinawa Mound, home of the Sinsinawa Dominican Sisters.  August 2009

June 2022....

Sinsinawa Mound and Sisters in the distance...

Back to Hazel Green and east out of town on Cty W.  Silos downtown in these small villages are not all that uncommon, often on farms that are still active in agriculture.

Some fine dips and twists....

Went right past but had to turn around and stop.

New Diggings....I've been here before....twice.

I was able to run 50-55 (45 too!) all day and almost never was in anyone's way.....almost.

As I moved through central and southeast Wisconsin, structures still remained but the number of visible cows decreased dramatically.

Testament to what "was", I started seeing many former Cheese Factories.  This was the 2nd one that I'd noticed though the only one that I turned around for.  There were at least a half dozen more.

Have you seen my Cheese Factory Post??  If not, you're truly missing out Big Style!


And of course our Chasing of the Cheese....Factories


Been a long time since I've seen double-row planting...

 Table top flat...

Monroe wasn't on my Route but I decided to head there for lunch.  Kwik Trip did the cooking (this is an All-Wisconsin trip) and I did the eating on a park bench in town.

I debated last week and I debated last night...."how close do I really want to get to the SE Wisconsin urban core?  How far can I wander from deep in that lower right corner??"  West Bend, the U of W campus when Peg was a student there, the HD factory and museum, the History Museum, Good Hope, etc.  I've never been to or seen Lake Geneva so I built a Route on the southern side, Hwy 67, east and then finished up this chord of the circle by going north on Hwy 120 to East Troy.

But I was this close to hypotenusing the whole darn works!

This was more like it!

That's it for today, 197.6 miles worth.  Tomorrow I'll go up good ol' Hwy 67 (Road America visits) in order to work my way back out to the lake.  There are a couple of spots I've always visited while present during the race weekends.  I see no reason to not stop by this time.

Hopefully I'll see you tomorrow!