Monday, June 20, 2022

Father's Day 2022 - 2022/06/19

A relatively quiet, hot, windy day to enjoy being a father.  I spent time remembering mine, his father's father as well.  They've both given me a great deal, something they likely wondered about at times but came to know for certain.  Both of them missed, a good day for shared memories while our son and I toodled around on some back roads on two wheels.  

Peg is working in Amsterdam this week, Ben is home and keeping me from becoming too sloppy while his mom is away.  A call from each of Ben's sisters, in Lauren's case a text (a second one too!) 7 time zones to the east.  In my mind, as good as Dad's Day needs to be.

Ben and I started with a scooter ride to you didn't know that it was Honda Scooter Day!!

You'd really need to be paying attention to your calendar to appreciate the fact.

So that took care of early eats.  We rode those machines home and swapped them for a couple others.  On our way back, we just happened to catch Larry out in the driveway cleaning the last of the morning's bugs off from his Chief.  160 miles already for the day, he would soon be hosting family to celebrate their Father's Day complete with grandchildren.

Do you remember Larry?  452K+ miles on his bike, could easily be 453K since today is Monday.  I'm sure that he was out before it got hot.

I mentioned that my '86 Honda Elite 250's mileage X 10 was close to his.  Larry was mildly impressed.

Ben and I got home, had a few things to put in the frig and then we were out for another Wisconsin loop, this time crossing north of Lake Pepin rather than south of.


A refreshing beverage stop guessed it!

From River Falls, a nice clockwise loop ending up in East Ellsworth.  We didn't even go through Ellsworth first.  It was a direct shot to the East Side.

We got some...

Regular, Dill, Bacon Hickory and Blueberry Curd Bratwurst.  As of this writing, it can be said that we are not quite out of cheese curds.  Bratwurst tonight.

Last night I grilled a Sirloin and our last T-Bone, Ben did the fries and I harvested what I could from the garden.  Time to order another bundle from Scholze Family Beef in Humbird Wisconsin.

These were harvested the other day, our first from the garden.

That afternoon I enjoyed a sandwich that I haven't had in years!

More radishii from the garden, this our first leaf lettuce, all enjoyed with our Steak and Fries.

Capped off with one of the varieties of ice cream that Peg kindly whipped up before heading to Europe.  This is the rhubarb ice cream, she made chocolate and strawberry as well.  The strawberry very good, flavorful without being too sweet.  The chocolate is rich beyond rich and impossible not to enjoy.  Even so, I'm a huge fan of the Pie Plant as dad use to say.  That lovely rhubarb flavor without being overly sweet.

Creamy goodness!

That's about it for now, the sprinklers were on in the garden at first light to beat our extreme heat.  There will be more flyovers of the garden to share with Peg, proof that I can handle myself while she's away.

There's a video being uploaded about our Saturday Breakfast ride, 4 of us in attendance.  It will be my next Post, backwards in time.  I'm hoping that it finishes uploading before the weekend because we have plans.

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