Saturday, June 11, 2022

Circle Tour Day 6 (Low miles) - 2022/06/11

 I decided to stay in Ashland....I never get tired of spending time in this area and decided that it was the perfect opportunity to visit and take in some of the things that there never seem to be stopped for.  My first thought was Big Top Chautauqua.  So the first thing I did was check the schedule...I'm a week too early, doesn't it figure.  Oh well (and has been mentioned to me), a perfect excuse to come back up.

Light rain predicted but that didn't keep me locked up in my cozy motel room.

Here's what I rode....36.4 miles 

Here's what I walked..... 1.1 miles

More on that in a bit.

Not exciting but a necessary part of Scarabeo travel.

1234 or is it 4321....I can never remember but it always seem to work.


I didn't turn around for the deer...we have those at home.  Rather it was the lineup of Oliver farm machinery.

You've got to watch the shiny spots....potentially troublesome.

Then I was off to Washburn for coffee and a scone....we've been here before.  There was a Corvette parked in the Employee section of the lot.  I soon discovered that the owner was present.

The Washburn Museum is another place I've always wanted to stop and again, a place I shouldn't have waited to so long for.

An underlying goal was to learn more about the Barksdale Dupont Ammo/Dynamite Plant.  Ever since my first bike trip to the region in the mid-1970's I've been intrigued by the fence that used to surround the area.  Barbed wire on top and red, white and blue signs that in effect said US Government Property Keep Out.  There is and will likely be into the distant future, efforts and concerns about cleaning up the residual contamination.

When I bought my book I had a chance to speak with the curator, the museum is on the 2nd floor.

But before I got upstairs, there were some things to see on the 1st floor.  The antique store, Vinyl Vault and art gallery.

It was still raining outside and the temptation was high to visit the bookstore across the street but one new book this trip was the rain....with only so much luggage space.

Another Kwik Trip lunch, this time in between the banana boxes.

A full (water) thermos....

I rode a few blocks and then parked the bike.  My goal was to photograph as many of the 19 murals as I could by walking down one (Main) street.

But then I came upon the Co-Op.  At first I thought that this was one of the series of murals....but this one was different.

And another museum....

And someone that belongs in a museum.....

This afternoon it got nice outside so a bit of lakeside-sitting was in order.

And finally, some famous folk that have stayed in this establishment.

I leave in the morning, up and over the top, through the Northern-most Post Office in Wisconsin, working to Superior and then South along the WI/MN border to home.

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