Wednesday, April 3, 2019

This Weekend??

I'm getting anxious oh am I getting anxious.

One of them ran this evening and this was the one....we didn't get far...wearing my hoodie, sandals and no helmet but we did get.  As of right now, I'm kinda thinking that this will be my warm rally weekend luggage hookup.  A first for me, I'm anticipating the wearing of a backpack for what I believe are some valid reasons; we'll see just how valid they are once things get underway!

For Full Camp Mode, the 38L Dry Bag will be added (maybe I can wear this one out??).

As Commando as I expect this machine will get.....I just don't expect to do much riding in this bare form, preferring to have a bit more along for solid, day-long trips.

Putting my NH4 Motorhead bags to use seems like the perfect day ride setup, additional capacity yet not overdone.  They're actually somewhat insulated, have been very water resistant and nicely sized.  What do you think?

I've mentioned (and hinted above) that I very much hope to be doing more camping this season, quick overnights out at the end of the driveway if that's what it takes.  The new accoutrements aren't just on the bike(s), I've been busy with some other stuff too.

'Built' a couple of alcohol stoves; the Fancy Feast my favorite.  Used in conjunction with my Hobo Stove (alcohol or sticks) I'm getting hungry and thirsty just thinking about firing it up.  There have been a few practice cooks.

I have a Very Good feeling about this riding season!!


  1. What do you usually carry in the tank saddle bags?

    1. The Indian NH4's that I used last year held all sorts of things, depending on the ride/weekend. For most of the season my Volt electric jacket and thermostat were on one side, my Darien Light pants on the other side when not worn. Leatherman, MotionPro tool set and a few other small items split between the two of them.

      This year's tankbag is smaller than any of my other ones, certainly smaller than what has been on the Himalayan. Some of the former tankbag items will end up in the ViaTerra's. I'm thinking of putting more of my electronics in one side, more of the tools and misc. things not used off and on each day in the other. In general, they get utilized though seldom filled, leaving room for whatever.

      The ones on the TW200 and the NH4's there were riding on those frames were water-resistant. There are liners in these new bags that should be water-proof.

  2. I/Boots would be proud. With the full camp'n gear how long can you stay out and about?
    With local laundry spots ya can avoid a case of Freebez ..

    1. How long to stay out? Based on the 3 1/2 months during my summer of '79, I'm going to speculate (and shoot for??) 3 1/2 years.

      I could go a very long time.

  3. Great setup. I am looking forward to your adventures. I still prefer a gas stove, because I always worry about the liquid poring out somewhere in my pack.

    1. Sonja, I've so many stoves now that it's bordering on criminal. Alcohol was something I didn't have....I blame YouTube. Really looking forward to starting some twigs on fire to boil water, especially looking forward to that leisurely pace. Even so, the idea of a 4 minute boil for roadside coffee has me pumped.

      Lots of plans, now to execute!