Sunday, April 28, 2019

85 Miles Backwards

Well it wasn't 85, more like 60 today since I chopped the last part off.

Correction, I chopped the first part off.

Almost always, in fact, I don't think I remember a time when I did the "85 Miles of Gravel" ride clockwise before.  Maybe it did happen though certainly wasn't the norm.  It was because of that today's decision was made to do it the other way around. Only 3 Minimum Maintenance roads instead of 4, it was a good ride nevertheless.  I've ridden part of the ride more times than I've completed the entire loop and that's OK.  A process open to interpretation.

Gets the job done....

Another Minnesota County road "Pavement Ends"....

Too much glare....

The frost this winter was very hard on some of our roads.  These ruts and this huge soft spot could catch a rider unawares......luckily I was on a Trailways 200 Yamaha.

Hay Creek, a favorite with the SE Minnesota trout anglers.

Pavement for people, dirt for horses..... the State Trail follows an old rail right of way that followed the Hay Creek valley from Red Wing south to Zumbrota.  Plagued with washed out trestles and other market forces, the line was eventually abandoned.

Another State Forest area that we once upon a time rode our machines through, now hikers and horses ONLY.

The old kiln.....

In the old Red Wing Pottery factory building, this valve on top of an old boiler.

Once again (becoming a bad habit) I went with excellent intentions for fruit pie and then stopped with the Chicken Pot.  There quite simply was no room for anything sweet.

 I've mentioned numerous times that if only the TW's were 300cc instead of 200cc, they'd be perfect for what I do the most of.  Had they been a bit larger, my garage would not have been as full as it is.

Wait....wait, I take back that last part!!


  1. Doug, it's good to see you are back in action. I just noticed the "Others say" entries, and the selection from Margaret Snyder was pretty magical. It reminds me of parts of "Smith and other Things" and even some Loren Eisely. Good stuff.

    1. Thanks Roger, I found "Chosen Valley" down in Viroqua on Eddy's shelves, always a sucker for such things.

      Mostly packed up and very much looking forward to Slimey Crud next weekend.

  2. It would be nice if T-Dubs had a bit more displacement but then again, perhaps they're ok for what they're designed for....meandering on sketchy terrain. All these years of riding at "Ural Speed" have prepared me nicely for the max speed of 55 MPH (without straining things) of a T-Dub though when the wind is against you.....55 is not quite achievable....then again, neither was it on a Ural. Hah.

    1. Dom, of course you are right; the Tdub's are exactly what they should be. You're settling in to Yagi very well and I couldn't be more delighted.

      I know you know of what you speak.

  3. You were on the perfect steed for a trip along the back roads. And a great place to ride to eat too. I think I am hungry now.

    1. You know!!....:)

      They're food is great, I hope that they stay busy enough.