Sunday, March 31, 2019

Dream Project

Mom's Assisted Living facility, Potter Ridge, held their Dream Project Ceremony yesterday, a wonderful conclusion to a huge project and effort by the staff, residents, family and importantly, the sponsors and donors to the project.  Well attended, a lovely spring afternoon for everyone to gather, award and for the residents to be awarded their Dream Wishes.

There were many dreams requested with the attempt to fulfill carried forward.  A Hot Air Balloon Ride that you were introduced a few blog Posts ago was something that will happen once the weather is fit for open air flight.  There was Lorraine's request to once again visit the historic Sheldon Theater in Red Wing, a place she'd visited, not returned to since she was a teenager and as she herself mentioned, that was a long time ago.  Still, my favorite request of them all was Bill's hope to visit a cattle auction at the nearby Zumbrota Livestock Sales Barn, something I've done and would certainly enjoy doing again.  I don't know Bill but I'm certain that we could be friends.

There were some valiant and gracious Dreams being completed, done with the efforts, support and help from many.

A lot to be thankful for.

I stopped by Friday evening to drop some of mom's things off before Saturday's program when the many festive decorations were not yet in place.

Saturday afternoon, the program almost ready to begin....

Many of the younger residents on this side of the open stairway; those more senior were closer to the front.  I'm talking +/- a year or two from 100....that's plus 100!

When mom's turn came, Paige called us both to the front.  The 'cook' books were still in their only VERY recently received shipping box and beautifully wrapped with ribbon.  I know that mom was surprised in more than one way.  I'd given her every reason to believe that this was going to be a spiral bound, open-flat type of cookbook, filled with TBSP, Cups and "stir's..".  What was created was instead something more akin to "Mom's Story", a very quick look at mom's beginnings, a few experiences with at least a small thread connecting everything with food, meals shared and some stories that were part of it all.  Easily enough many volumes of information to fill a real book, this one just hinting at a tome, a nicely condensed overview, hopefully filled with the love and respect that was involved with its creation.  There are in fact recipes, stories about how some of them came to be and to be enjoyed, photos and family history that I hope isn't least for awhile.  Discussions and memories from myself and between mom's siblings still with us bubbled to the top over the last few weeks; that in itself was a treasure, bringing a bunch of new life into stories that had grown old.

The black was very intentional, my hope to present a scrapbook-like feel since that's where a great deal of the content came from and has been hiding for a very long time.

Dad and mom around 1985 if I had to guess....and I'm going to because that's close enough.

Many thanks to Potter Ridge, the Dream Team staff and to Ms. Mueller for her gracious contribution!


  1. Replies
    1. This was fun and I'm (now) thankful for the push. It would not have been done now, likely never otherwise.

  2. Replies
    1. Good parents that tried really hard....just a corner rubbed off. Thanks, appreciate that.

  3. What a neat idea.. We all need our dreams. I bet your
    Mom was surprised!

    1. Speedy, the surprise is soaking in and I think will mean more as time goes on. I think it was just what our family needed.

  4. What a lovely idea. We all need dreams no matter how old or young.

    1. Dar, they really did a nice job of pulling this thing off. Getting support from family, the community and local businesses...a silent auction was held, items donated. When it gets right down to it, a lot of benefit from a limited outlay of resources.

      I feel blessed to have been connected.