Sunday, April 21, 2019

Minnesota Motorcycle State Park Annual

We had frost Saturday morning and I used it as an excuse to not ride, instead drive to coffee at Diamond's.

Mike was there at 7 as was I and by the time we left for our monthly Moto Guzzi Breakfast, there were many more machines out front.

Later, Brian's nice V7 in the breakfast parking lot...

Ron was there, feeling and looking good, anxious for his first time back on a bike after the incident.  He's looking forward to our Grand Marais rally more than any of the rest of us....a Good Thing.  After our filling breakfast and rally talk, I was anxious to take care of my loaded-van errands, get home and get on a bike.  There was no plan other than to stop at one of the State Parks to get my annual pass, something I've been trying to do, even when I might not plan multiple park visits during a season; the program deserves support.  Five dollars less than an Auto Pass, it's a card I carry in my wallet and works on whatever machine I'm using for that day's visit.

It brightens up my ol' wallet too, the Card I was after.

I stopped at Carley State Park but there's only a Self Serve stay for the day kiosk and that was Ok because I needed a good excuse to visit nearby Whitewater State Park.  We hadn't been there since a Mom's Day many years ago.

Explored this Dead End first though....

The effects of Logging and Agriculture on an already fragile valley floor.

Now one of the picnic areas, when I was a youngster, this was the campground.  Long since moved, the new campground is much larger and downstream a piece.  Back in the day, this was one of the State Parks that had a golf course, now out of fashion, even though it was a very Green golf course.

I remember well looking up at that sheer bluff from our campsite, playing and fishing in the river by the bridge just around the corner.

Outside of Elba, I've gone past this cemetery many times and thought it was a fine day to stop and explore.

Peg, this one could be ours!!  If I have a choice, I'd probably go with something other than a Bagger but....then again, whatever you decide will be fine with me.

Home in plenty of time to get a couple of the others out for a quick spin.

Our poor neighbors down in Old Frontenac, the river had gone down and now it's up again.  Cresting once more April 22. 

A great day to be on the rig!!

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