Sunday, April 7, 2019

First Ride 2019

It happened April 5th in the afternoon......and it was good.  The driveway still muddy but there's no flowing water so we've got that going for us.  No plan, I just knew I wanted to get out and run some gravel, just maybe get a little dirty.

That part worked out.....

Our recently new Solar Farm....

The extension of Wabasha County Road 33

Yes, he managed to get his exercise for the afternoon.

Off of County 10 and on to gravel County 20....

I stopped at my 'photo spot' to get a shot or two.....Volt jacket still plugged in.

Camera camera......

Here's a video that has been put together, complete with narration and only a bit of action commentary.  Down the valley on County 20, once in the Zumbro River valley I take a left on County 30 (...10, 20 and now 30...I didn't do 40...not even sure there is one...) and work my way up and over the hill.  I incorrectly mention in the video that, "..there's a ski hill over to the left..." which is wrong and I do know better Dave, Tim, Doug, etc.  The Coffee Mill ski hill is on Hwy 60, not here; one recording take, that was enough.

Up top and starting down....on real pavement!

Down into Wabasha with a couple of stops in Lake City before getting back to Frontenac.

The Frontenac Beach.....Closed 

This immediately made me think of Jungle Book....where the vultures are civilized and friendly to a degree.  I'm thinking the Old Frontenac residents may want to Watch For Children and keep them inside???

Friday's Facts....

Elevation changes over 55 miles....

Speed changes over 55 miles....fairly obvious that Average will hover around 40mph.  Again, 40mph = 4th gear = 3000 RPM.  The Himalayan seems very content at that pace as do I. 

That was all Friday, now Sunday morning the valley's creatures are enjoying Spring.

No way am I a Charles Kuralt but here's a bit of Sunday Morning....


  1. Man you guys have serious winters there if this is the first ride of the year!

    1. Dom, I'm slow and (trying to be) patient. Rains this past week have cleansed our salty roads.

    2. Just a follow-up, my unofficial road count of riders met so far this spring is now at 217, 211 of which have been Milwaukee machines. Not everyone is as cautious as I.

  2. Hmmm, no pie or doughnuts mentioned. Does it still get classified as a “ride”?

    1. Richard, looks like permission to me....I'll double up on the next outing!

  3. The " pie "...has begun.... I suspect a large section well be served " Himalaya "

    1. I certainly hope so....I'm not really surprised at how much I enjoy riding the new one.

  4. So glad you managed to get out on a bike. While hubby has commuted on two wheels a couple times this year I have yet to get out. So kudos to you!!

    The video of the sun coming up this morning was pretty too.

    1. Thanks Brandy, ya gotta get out there and ride, even for a shorty!

      They're talking a blizzard around here on Thursday but we shall persevere!!