Sunday, April 7, 2019

Another Royal Enfield Ride

I was really hoping to get the sidecar rig out this weekend and managed to, even with a weather forecast that wasn't as perfect as it could have been.  Warm and pleasant, the hard showers mid-afternoon happened after I was home and had everything back in the garage.

Not really planning on an extended ride today, I decided to head towards Red Wing, grab some lunch and see if I could monitor the river flooding.

Lunch at Randy's....'my' Special, 1/2 Sandwich and Soup.

Congratulations Randy's, locally owned and operated, celebrating 50 years!

I tried to access the river in multiple locations but all roads Closed due to flooding.  Then I remembered the fine town and river view from the old hospital/now Goodhue County Historical Society location.

I was born here....quite some time ago.

Across the parking lot, my favorite Historical Society.

Some branding.....

Oh....and those river views, seen from behind these two buildings.

 Looking further upriver....

Red Wing's Barn Bluff (Mt. La Grange I'm told if you're thinking French) beyond downtown.

I decided to have some fun with my zoom lens....

Back to the bike....a magnetic sign I had made up after being asked countless times when my '08 had been made in the 1950's.

After I was home, went to work in the garage.  I walked out and heard an almost eerie sound, like wind but not really.  Might have been rain but there wasn't anything falling.  I looked up and not more than 200ft, a hundred swans were flying over.  Our flyway has been busy the last couple of weeks.

One more sign of Spring.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Dom, I'm enjoying the heck out of the old shaker!

  2. The landscape looks so barren and the flooding forboding. But the idea of swans flying overhead ... I have a bevy of swans living in close proximity to my back 40. Last year I was lucky enough to watch them fly overhead on their trip home. It was amazing.

    1. One of the most lovely things....stepping outside at night and hearing them quietly trumpet as they fly overhead. Moonlight makes it just that much better.

  3. The nice thing about the sidecar rig is that you don’t have to wait for perfect weather. And I like your sign.

    1. I don't do weather as un-perfect as you do but you're right. Not only a bit safer but a lot of fun to be out in the more marginal conditions.

      It's snowing and raining here today and I've been told to not show up at work tomorrow....:)