Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Slimey Crud Run Weekend - May 2019

It was another great one, starting at 5:00AM for me.  Cool and foggy, wonderful weather to follow for the day.

Eric and I had planned to meet for breakfast in Westby and when I warned Steve that as a result we'd be late arriving at the campground, he told me that he and Scott were meeting for the same thing a few short miles away in Viroqua.  By 8 the four of us were enjoying breakfast at Borgen's.

Eric left to take a more leisurely route with his rig, Steve and I headed directly to the campground, Scott went on to get checked in at his motel.

Here's a 10 minute video, very representative of what our SCR weekends are like.

Eric brought cheese curds so we had some.....

We ate in the campground Friday evening.....Rod, Pat, Tom and Kevin joined us by evening.

Kevin arrived on the Gen 2 KLR not long after we rode in from our loop, the other 3 guys had arrived earlier in the afternoon.

Tom, ever the one to surprise us, this weekend brought out his binoculars and was identifying birds around the campsite.  Early Saturday morning, he'd been out in the forest and here was returning to camp.

Our campsite in 360 degrees....

 More than one meal this time at The Center Cafe.

What we do every now and then......

Our first stop, the former site of the Vermont Cheese Factory

 The Holum Cheese Factory, now a residence.

 Stop number 3, the Ridge Cheese Factory, another current residence.

The crew stopped outside the old Ridge Cheese Factory....just before we went into Verona for lunch.

Our fourth cheese factory, the Malone and two different points in time.  This photo was from Street View, recent but not current ......

This view as it appears today, a new home built where the former cheese factory stood.

Another one of our stops, this one before I decided to abandon Tom at our soon-to-be fuel stop ....can anyone blame me??

Coffee Saturday morning...

I could see my GS850 following this example...

Rob's group, always present and have been from the very beginning.

I'll always remember sitting down at the bar one quiet Monday noon with Junior and one of his Sausage and Cheese sandwiches.

Darrell's bike, saw him, didn't get a chance to say hello.  Darrell Broten publishes a monthly newsletter, the Midwestern Motorcyclist and does a dandy job of it.  Send me an email and I'll return the link.

We've met, we've spoken but I don't remember his name.  He rides Italian, that I DO remember.

So, we left  Leland promptly at noon and things were going well, a Rustic Road here, some more lovely scenery there.  We stopped for gas in Loganville and about a mile west, I heard and felt a bang when forward motion stopped.

There were 3 of us, my brother with his loaded KLR, soon to be bound for Minneapolis.  Rodney was on his KLR and soon we two were on his KLR, headed back to camp so that I could grab the van/trailer to pick up my disabled bike.  I missed out on 25 miles of Himalayan riding, did an unexpected 25 on a KLR but got an extra 50 in the van.

As it was, I put 518 miles on according to the odometer.  My GPS total got (one more thing that was confused) goofed up because I left it on in my pocket while Rod and I pillioned on his Kawasaki.

Now that I'm home and have had a chance to look, I must have been negligent in getting the master link on my new extended length chain riveted properly.  By the looks of things, my riveted pins must have worked "small" and allowed the side plate to come off.  I'm lucky that the break didn't knock me down or ruin the bike.  A new Master Link should see the bike and myself in Soldiers Grove in little over a week.

Our 3 daily loops.

Beautiful weather, a great time and lots of fun with good friends.  We did well.  Thanks once more to Colleen for putting up with us at Alana Springs and to our team that got along.  I've put a video together but won't include it just may take until June to upload.  It will be presented when fully ready.


  1. Sorry I missed you(and the whole event). Maybe next time.

    1. Scott, I checked in at Greasyshoprag but for some reason can never Comment from my phone. Should have made contact before the event...from home.

      Hope things are going smoother.

  2. Looks like a great weekend, I liked the 360º video idea, looking forward to the full video.
    And thanks for the reminder to throw a master link in my tool kit. Glad it was the end of the weekend and it didn't lock up your bike.

    1. Thanks Brad, my riveted master link negated the reason to carry a spare, making my chain "one" or so I expected. I think I did 2 chains on the red Italian bike, used the Motion Pro tool this time like those but something must have given way.

      I now had an ol' reliable on there....I don't plan on ever losing another chain.

  3. Broken/missing master link eh? I carry a couple spare ones just in case, my incredibly limited experience with chains and consensus in the T-Dub forum dictate this. Glad it wasn't something major or that the chain didn't cause damage as it flailed about. I see Ural rigs were represented....did you talk to their owners?

    1. I don't ever remember carrying one or needing one, can't even recall anyone around me needing one.

      Scott below is a long time and very experienced Ural owner as are you. When your splines last needed attention, that fact was shared quickly with him and his response was pretty much, "yep, that's what we do". As far as I know there was not a single Ural issue this weekend that was as you already know, it can work. :)

  4. Very nice blog. Heck, I even remembered everything from Friday and Saturday. Thanks, Scott

    1. Thanks Scott, so glad that you were able to join us, that breakfast Friday worked so well. Let's not wait until October to go some more places and share more stories.

  5. May sounds like a good month to motorcycle and camp but in reality it hasn't been that nice. You must have managed the one good day. Glad your bike repairs are minor and that all ended well.

    1. You're right Karen, conditions have been spotty around here. We had 5" of very cold rain mid-week, now much nicer but still cool.

      I was very lucky with the bike and with me. I remember coasting to a stop and looking down, seeing my chain dangling behind. There was disbelief in not seeing a dark oily puddle.

      Optimistic and relieved, we're looking forward to next weekend's rally. Bike is mostly loaded and Route planning for our time there is underway.

      Hope your riding season develops soon and well!

  6. Coop,

    Glad you were breakdown left you without more serious problems. Thanks for you the postings of your rides. I've been leading group rides to the Slimeycrud from the Milwaukee area since 2004. Just have one question. What application are you using to post the map with the thee color routes? Keep up the good work.


    1. Tim, thanks for the kind words.

      Including the maps in the Post starts early. I use BaseCamp. Never accused of being organized, I can surprise myself regarding GPS Routing. Under "My Collection" I create folders for each year and under those, a "Plan" and a "Ride" folder.

      The process starts by "New List" under Plan, I create a Route and send it to whichever GPS I'll take on the bike. When I get home, there's a Track of what actually happened and it can be exactly what was planned or often what really occurred. The Track gets "Sent" somewhere and ends up in the "Ride" folder.

      Even if I don't plan a Route, the Tracks get saved that way. 20190503CrudFriday was the purple line sent to the Zumo. This time, 20190503CrudHimma is the Track that gets Sent under the "Ride" folder.

      Once it gets pulled from the GPS unit and is in the "Ride" folder, I double click it and each of the Track waypoints is in a long list. up in the right corner of that list the gray-with-dots and red arrowed line can be color changed. I can do days, entire weekends or as I've sometimes done, an entire season can be highlighted.

      At that point, I use the Snipping Tool to box whatever I want to include and save the Capture.png to a folder that normally is under "Pictures" on the computer where anything and everything else associated with that, videos, notes, other screen captures, etc. reside.

      Creating the Post, it's just one more image to include. In that list of Waypoints is also where the graphs for Speed and Elevation are available. If you can't already tell, I enjoy the process.

      Be and Ride safe!

  7. Hey Doug ,,,thanks for sharing. The red Morini I believe belongs to Joe Block from the Chi-town area.

    Stay safe ,,,and always carry a spare link :>)

    Tim S.

    1. Thanks Tim. I don't know Joe but I know that guy's name is Joe. I see him at SCR and also he's been a fixture at Lorem Ipsum each time that I've been there.