Thursday, June 7, 2018

Wisconsin week pre-AHRMA at RA

Monday morning before 6am, on the road.  US Hwy #10 was my choice to cross Wisconsin.  First stop on the edge of Neillsville at the WCCN Radio location.  The Cheese Pavillion, the same building at the 1964 World's Fair in Seattle.  I was inside but first had to go visit Chatty.

Point Beach State Park, just a few spots from where I stayed when I rode over on the TW200.

Since I towed it in, I have a TOW PASS.  An annual sticker on the van.

Maritime Museum in Manitowoc.  I visited last time, a very fine museum but decided to just walk the grounds outside this time.

From across the channel....

Beach damage....this was a large sandy beach last time I was here.

Getting to campsite #52...."NO TRAILERS"

Some hard showers Monday night, thunder and lightning.  Life is good under the pop-up.

 Tuesday morning I had breakfast in Kewaunee at Kunkel's Korner, then on up the peninsula to Washington Island.

On the old bridge in Sturgeon Bay...

Took a break at the 5th and Jefferson Coffee shop for a cup and a scone.

North of Sturgeon Bay I stopped at this same place on County Q for the same photo, but with my Helix.  Back in 2010, sometime in January, Prubert called for "...we're going to coffee on Washington Island, May there..."  The Sport Touring . Net fellas call coffee often, most of the time I didn't attend since most of their coffees were in the Milwaukee and eastern shore locations though I was down in Dubuque by 10 AM one day for a cup.

Washington Island??  I went who wouldn't??

Heading up 42 I went past a sign proclaiming, WI MOTORCYCLE MEMORIAL PARK 1.5MI.  Curious, I missed that corner but took the next one and found it.

Door interesting place

Proof....9.2 mph

Lunch at Nelsen's Hall.....

I wasn't the only bike was only later that I learned of his link to Cornucopia, Ehler's Store, Uncle Sonny, Snookie, Ad and Coon, Emery, etc. etc.  Small world.

A Door County IPA....a good start for what was to come.

I wasn't the only one documenting One-Eyed Jack's advice....

Grilled chicken sandwich....another good thing; I ate hearty!

I'm in the Bitters Club, a shot of 90 Proof bitters.....

I'm in.....stamped bonification.....

Schoolhouse Beach, a favorite stop on the island.

Outlier rock....

The port for trips to Rock Island State Park, another island further from the mainline.

Another beach stop on the island.

Down through Sister Bay, Ephraim, Fish Creek, Egg Harbor.....busy but actually quieter than I'd expected for early June.

Dinner at Sonny's in Sturgeon Bay....

 Tuesday's ride.....

Wednesday's plan was to visit Peshtigo and then cross the border into Michigan.  But first I had to wipe off the mess that the raccoon left on my seat....dust and dirt...I never!!  A good thing there weren't munchies in my tank bag or tail bag; I saw no sign of forced entry.

End of the road at the Peshtigo Harbor State Wildlife Area.

Marinette Harbor....

Off on the horizon, Door County.

Leaving Marinette on 64 west, a few rain showers (the only ones of the day, another lucky ride) but cloudy and cool all day.  When I got to the edge of the Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest I started watching for Forest Roads that might veer off of 64.

There were many so I decided to try one.....

Even in the wet sand, the Himalaya with road air pressure in the MT60's, moving through the way-to-deep-for-me sand was just not going to happen.  Before I try that again, full knobs.

No single line was left for as far as I tried to go, believe you me.  There was no "down" but I came way toooo close.

Highway 55 on the Menominee Reservation ....

Just south of Seymour, Wisconsin.....

Ride for the day.....

So, Thursday noon I'm in the Two Rivers Library getting this Posted.  I finally got my phone working again....phew....hard to be without one even when there is no signal in the campground.  Tomorrow morning early, at the Road America gate to get setup for a weekend of Antique and Historic Motorcycle Racing.

I'll mention here the bike is working better than ever.  Power, braking, smoothness, fuel's an absolute joy for my exploring.  When I get home, my accessories will have arrived and be mounted for time in a few weeks up on the north coast of Minnesota at the MN Guzzi Rally.

But before then, a Post (at least one) highlighting a few days at the track.

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