Friday, June 15, 2018

Ben's Home

It's been over 2 years since Ben was home during riding season; Ft. Hood too distant for a quick day away.  We've got another stretch of typical late summer temperatures so we were out early to allow siesta time.

KLR and Himalaya our choices for today with some switching back and forth along the way.  I will state here that the KLR will definitely not be leaving the herd anytime soon.

101 miles for our Lake Pepin loop.

Breakfast in Wabasha, pie in Stockholm.

Ben did the Peanut Butter Fudge.....I need fruit and fruit today was Peach Blueberry.


  1. I was wondering if the Himalayan was going to replace the KLR.

  2. Richard, selling the KLR was part of my plan, not necessarily because it was being replaced though that was definitely part of it.

    For as well as the new one handles the gravel, the coarser tires on the KLR definitely make a difference. I'll have to be responsible, appreciate the compromises when I replace the Pirelli's the Himalaya came with.

    I didn't pay much for the KLR, it's been used hard and now with the new shock and carb cleaning, it seems to be running just fine. Don't need the room, I'd have to almost give it away since there are so many much nicer ones always available.

    At least for now, it seems easy to keep it....for Ben's trips home or anyone else's.

  3. Glad Ben is home to visit during riding time since it is something you two enjoy doing together. Mmmm and pie too.

  4. Thanks Brandy, it might very well be another long lapse before we see him again. It's been fun getting out.