Monday, June 11, 2018

Road America - AHRMA 2018 - Wrap-Up

Another great weekend, almost completely rain-free from our perspective.

This Sunday morning....but it stayed just to our south.  To be absolutely accurate, I think there were a couple of drops and both Saturday evening as well as Sunday morning there was very light drizzle/heavy fog but that was it.  The green stayed to our south.

A mix of images and thoughts on the week and weekend.
The Lester Library in Two Rivers Book Sale...

Jeff and I swapped on our way home from breakfast Saturday morning.  The Barbie Honda was a jewel when I owned it and Jeff has made it even more so.  An absolute delight to ride!!

I was impressed with the little chopper next door.

The bridge over the Carousel.....

The Roundabout in the pits to organize traffic....

Sunset Friday evening....

Mike graciously let us all try the Cushman, my first time with two-wheeled foot clutch/hand shifting.

We all had a ride.....

There were multiple times during the weekend when we all had our hats on.....Mike had more than one along and saved the Special One for Special Times.

As you can imagine, a race weekend draws the Ducati's from corners far and wide.  They all sound good, some better than others.  They all go well, some better than others.  Of every model and state of tune in the brand, this one Sunday afternoon was my favorite.

Once Friday arrived, this was the limit of my riding, different colors for the 3 days.  The only time spent off the track was going into Plymouth for morning and evening meals.  73 miles total for the 3 days.

Earth view of the Track, we camp in the ~200 degree circle (Carousel) lower left and our traditional spot is right off the SE apex in the loop.

What it looks like with our Tracks......the red "X" our campsite.

Jim had planned to camp next to us but things came up that prevented him from spending the entire weekend as our next door neighbor.  He did come over Saturday on his bike and we ran into each other in the paddock area.  Sunday he returned not on his bike but instead with his traveling rig.  I got the full tour, inside, outside and oh my what an impressive vehicle and way to Go!  It would be enough for me to never go home again.  Thanks Jim, really appreciated your showing me your home away from home and so, so easy to imagine a trailer behind with a bike....or two.

(See that TW200 stopping behind?  Jim didn't know it yet when I took this photo but he was about to explain his rig one more time)

Miles for the week, 767 in all on the Himalaya, roughly 73 of which were around and in the vicinity of the track.  690 miles on the van to go the width of Wisconsin back and forth.

So much fun, the racing, the bikes, the friends and a week's break.  In an hour or two, I could do it all again.


  1. Great time.. good friends....I enjoy the BS camp fire and the BS breakfast mornings.

    1. A good chance to be with friends and a place to do it.

  2. Replies
    1. Why doesn’t a week last as long as it’s supposed to??