Sunday, June 3, 2018

Hiawatha BMW Rally - 2018

Once again, the forecast proved to be more ominous than conditions actual.  I heard that a few of the attendees had a drop or two; none fell on me.  Attendance 235 if I remember what I was told.

I made a new friend, more willing than most to listen to my stories....well a few new friends but only got this single snap.

Did manage to connect to some old friends that were at the last rally (SCR too) but whom we never got a chance to actually talk.  Fun to see Mary and Bob, riders normally seen at our Labor Day Wildcat Mountain Rally.  It's fun when the groups intersect.

Last Friday was National Doughnut Day and as a card carrying member of our region's Best Kwikie Mart, I took advantage.  This early Friday morning, even before breakfast and I was up way before breakfast.

Breakfast at Ma's in Plainview.....

I arrived at Money Creek Haven Campground, the site of the MN Hiawatha BMW Rally about 10:00.  My tent set-up, it was out for a loop.

Pleasant Valley Road just west of Freeburg.

Up Pleasant Valley and back down Crazy Corners into downtown Freeburg.

MN County 5, the road that famously transitions from Paved to "Pavement Ends".

Making hay the low labor way....

Eric arrived in the afternoon....

John and the brothers as well.

Lloyd has the rallying thing figured out....missing in this photo is the front end of his Gold Wing trike.

Not your dad's BMW.....

Saturday sunrise....

Leo's brought demo bikes, once again as they have now for years.

Farmer's Market, but not the real reason that we made the trip.

The annual Lanesboro Rhubarb Fest.  Always the first weekend in June, it doesn't always happen on the same weekend as our rally.

The Rhubarb Girls....very melodious.

The Storyteller....

There was work to be done...

I felt obligated to lend a hand...

Not all of us went....but many did.

Those lambs in the Petting Zoo put me in the was very good!


Again using the back way, I left Lanesboro returning to Money Creek.  Of course I stopped at Aroma Pie Shop in Whalan.

Rhubarb Custard.....I did go light on the ice cream.  Still, a record-breaking couple of days.  Double doughnuts on National Doughnut Day, double rhubarb slices on Saturday.


Ludwig rode his CTX this time....

This is the same van from Wisconsin that I saw last August at the Chamberlain Rest Stop on my way out to Wyoming  ...  there's only one Bob.  Looks like the "texting" sticker has been added in the interim.

Around 11PM when I pulled 4:30 Bob was gone but he's that way.


Saturday evening after the rain....

Our Saturday evening meal and awards ceremony.

395 miles on the rig for the weekend, a very tough ride home Sunday morning into the howling westerlies.  Here's the whole trip....

The Better part of the whole trip...

Loaded for everything but the bears....tomorrow I'll be on the far distant shore of Wisconsin for the week, Road America early Friday.


  1. … years ago Hwy 5.... I discovered not only does " pavement ends " becomes farm dog fast.... with the gravel I couldn't pull away from that four legged snarey bark'n cur...

    and the first photo….took me a moment to figure who was who.... (insert wink'n smiley face here)

  2. I also discovered what happens on No. 5 years ago, on a "77 RS, that was not a great gravel road bike. Also dodged a dog or two, and just kept riding, assuming that I had to hit pavement at some point...I think I was almost in Iowa before I cam to my senses.

  3. I think that I need to meet your new friend..Mike say's that I talk too much but I could count on that troll to listen! Enjoyed your sunrise & Farmer's Market pictures...I would have wanted some of the rhubarb your blog..keep the adventures coming!

  4. Nice blog, Doug. We found the wind to be tough sledding on the way home. I imagine it's tougher with a sidecar.

    -Bill Jones.