Wednesday, June 13, 2018

It Arrived!!

Way back in March, in optimistic anticipation of my Himalaya being ready in April (of course that meant April 1st to me) I ordered from NH4 Motorheads in Bangalore India some Saddle Stay/Pannier Racks for my soft saddlebags, Bottle Holder/Fuel Holder Bags and a couple of stickers.  It may very well have been those darn stickers that scared the Officials.....

Here's their International online site

Hoping to receive the items in a few weeks as quoted, the shipment took closer to that many months, mostly due to some issues with shipping, Customs and International inspection clearance.  Sourav was gracious and transparent if not always accurate with his predictions; I tried to be as well with a great deal of patience thrown in.

It all worked out, they arrived in great condition and everything is installed though I do need to trim some of the straps of their extra length.  The old soldering iron will be fired up once more to cut through and sear some edges but that will have to wait until tomorrow.

Installation went well with only a bit of  'Form To Function'....I've had much worse on items that cost a great deal more.  The mounting holes appear to have been drilled to exact bolt size and after painting, were too small, especially so if a bit of extra off-axis was needed to get threads started.  Holes were opened up slightly and one tang given a slightly gentler bend.  All in all, everything went together well, they are solidly mounted, seem adequately braced and should serve their basic function well, that of holding my soft saddlebags out and above the chain on one side and the muffler on the other.

* A side note, the OEM hardware removed and/or loosened then tightened again were all either thread locked or nylock nutted.

I've quickly thrown both the Ortlieb and the Nelson-Rigg units over, both look as though they'll be just fine.  In the pile, there are also some canvas bags, some bright orange horse bags as well as my old Bagman's that all should work in one way or another.


In a week and a half, one set of bags or another will be on, loaded and within shouting distance of Canada.  Can't wait!!


  1. They look well made, sturdy and attractive.

    1. I took your advice, didn’t wash the bike before the photo you can be assured the bike is mine and not an imposter.

  2. I've been enviously waiting to see the racks and bags on your Himalayan. They look like a perfect addition for travel.

    Canada? Where? How long?

    Still just two bikes here,
    Scott Sinks

    1. Scott, I’m looking forward to adjusting ‘my system’ with the new choices.

      Next weekend is the Guzzi Rally in Grand Marais. I’ve got some Tracks that take me to the Pigeon River (border).

  3. I keep telling Sheri all I need is a 2013 Yamaha Tenere in White and Red. Or a new 700 Tenny. Not sure when that beast will ever come out.

  4. Looking good. Glad they finally arrived.