Monday, May 28, 2018

Memorial Day Weekend - 2018

First of all and by far most important, heartfelt thanks to our Veterans, past and present.  Some gave everything; all have sacrificed a great deal.  A very special thanks to our son Ben, serving currently. When his choices were many, still he heard the call.  4 generations of Coop's and I'm the one that did not participate.

No real rides planned, instead some chores, some promises made this past Spring to follow through on around the estate.  There was some gardening, some cleaning, preparation for our Soldier to come home for a visit in June as well as preparation for the upcoming rally, my week over against Lake Michigan and for the Road America AHRMA event in early June.

That doesn't mean there wasn't some riding accomplished on the very hot, late July/early August typical temperature days.

Friday a medical checkup, some chain oiling, tire pressure updates, the few remaining license tab applications on the bikes that hadn't been out in the sun yet.  Saturday morning I met with a local contractor about the final cleanup of our fallen barn and hopefully some driveway improvements.

But after that, WaHooo!

Mississippi Valley and Minnesota in the distance.

The woods primeval....

Some very nice looking winter wheat...

113.7 miles for the ride.....

For an evening ride and temps that hadn't really moderated....

The new access to the future river bridge.

The climb up into Red Wing's Memorial Park.  Normally I've got the sound on my videos turned off since the only thing heard is wind noise but at this slower speed, you can hear the little V-Twin.  As I've said repeatedly, "I like this motor".

Viewing the Contour videos using their Story Teller software.  The inset includes a satellite view and a graph that plays while the video does, providing feedback as to speed, elevation, etc.

The hazy, hot, sunset view into Wisconsin....the new river bridge being built.

 The last tight switchback on the way down from Memorial Park

Out of Red Wing and on my way home, shadows long.

So these were the rides for the day, Green on the sidecar, Red with the Hyosung.

Zoomed in to show the Memorial Park detail using two maps, the first the Garmin map in Basecamp.

Same location, different map.  These topographic maps are available for free.

 Scooter Sunday.....and County NN

Julson Ridge Road....some almost Minimum Maintenance gravel a mile further on.

County BB trailing off in the valley below .....

Pretzel Pass.....

The intersection of Alligator Slide and Pretzel Pass

Looking back on part of Pretzel Pass from that intersection...

Eagle Valley Community Church....

Home by 1PM, lawn mowing, chores, items to the recycling center, etc. etc.

6PM, back out for a ride hopefully a bit cooler; it was after all, Scooter Sunday.  Stopped at a nearby Historical Marker commemorating the area's former Clay Industry.

Sleek....Timeless ...... the quintessential ......right Mike???

After lo these many years, I guess this will have to be altered...or removed.  I bet a strategic "NOT" would be a rather easy alteration.  Watch for it.

 Memorial Day, out before 7am on the Auto .....

We've got some neighbors up the valley that like Deep Mud and the sound of Big Eights; the Machine Gun Shoots a different weekend, different valley.

Breakfast on a Holiday.... the green, not a vegetable but in this case at least, a very good thing.

Needed the parking brake today....

The Whitewater River....

If you need a Steiger...... area code 507

Some more Up/Down this morning .....

There's a Trans Wisconsin Adventure Trail (I looked it up) that just might be fun on the Honda 400 Automatic.  I'm thinking that one of these just may be the ticket.... the 16" should bolt right up.  Looks like I'm going to need some more ADV stickers....

Something discovered today, I can say with certain authority that our tar strips have turned soluble, especially so in the sweepers.

Finally, the big bike was out for a short loop, but not until after some bleu burgers on the grill and fruit salad ....

The Frontenac beach and boat ramp....

A full and enjoyable weekend all around.  Hope that everyone got a chance to Remember and Thank those that have served.

This coming weekend, BMW's, rhubarb and the Royal Enfield with 3 wheels.


  1. Nut'n sez America then scooters and machine guns.. !

  2. Its a tough job, making sure all the motorcycles get some exercise....

  3. Glad you had a mellow long weekend. Don't you find it hard not to want to take the RE every time you go out, being that it is a new toy and all?

  4. Brandy, I'm waaaay late with this response. It is hard but I'm trying to spread things around.