Sunday, October 9, 2022

Southwestern Wisconsin - 2022/10

When our trip started, the colors were far short of bright but by the time we were headed home, the brightness began to shine.  Our traditional Slimey Crud Run Weekend was spent at our traditional SCR camp location, Alana Springs just outside of Richland Center, Wisconsin.  We however, did not attend SCR.  Rather we visited Wheels of Time....more on that soon.  Before I go any further, here's the map of my tracks....

Right, I don't see any Tracks either and that is because after rolling the bike off the trailer, I connected my Garmin XT into its cradle and saw this....

And that's all I saw the entire trip....Blackness...a useless guidance helper.  That fact didn't ruin the trip but the hours I've spent running through FixIt's, charging, draining, Soft Reset, Hard Reset have been Very frustrating.  The unit does not realize how close it came to Hammer Reset.  This one is going back where it came from, a replacement is on the way.

I'll get over it.  Or in the future, fall back to Greg's backup plan.

The rest of the gang arrived by end of day Friday.

Desperate, I wasn't willing to give up on the GPS.

Two big packing tractors, coming at the pile on opposite sides.  We went back later to use the drone but my SD card didn't record any of the flights and that's a shame.  Largest pile I've ever seen, we all wondered with its pyramid shape, how it gets covered.

We use to eat here, then it closed, now open again as Sam's Airport Dive Diner.  It was great to be back.



Finally giving up, I put the thing in the tank bag so that I didn't have to keep looking at it.

While the 12 cup was dripping away there under the pavillion, I went back to Old Reliable, anxious to try my brand new JoGo (who has time for 12 cups to drip??).  I've made the adjustment to coffee through a straw with aplomb!

Saturday morning Steve got us out of Richland Center and north on our way to Sunrise Bakery on Pa's Road.  These flags were lovingly filmed from the drone but alas, the SD card was a new one that for some reason acted normal but was views from above.

Bloomingdale and Bloomingdale....the intersection.

Almost there, at the top of the hill, Sunrise Bakery on Pa's Road.

Eric is still (and forever more??) kicking himself for not doing one of the hot from the oven Maple doughnuts.  Steve and I took our chances and split one....might be the best day of our lives.  I didn't buy any, instead a row of cookies, a pan of cinnamon rolls and a blueberry pie.  I will mention here that as of a week later, none of these items are yet completely consumed.

From the bakery, we hustled back to the Richland Center Fairgrounds for the Wheels Of Time show.

No, Steve wasn't queasy from the doughnuts, he was down there checking mechanicals.

A strong showing from the Charles City products.

Two Seater....Hydro Drive!!

Some collections just don't fit in a bedroom closet....

Sunday morning, we were off to the Lone Rock Airport, this visit for breakfast.  On the way out, a couple that were sitting near us....and listening to our foolishness...asked where we were from, headed, interest in our bikes, etc.  I believe that he was surprised that I knew his neighborhood as well as I did.  He had an HD sweatshirt on, could have played Santa and very likely owned one of those Milwaukee machines...."Hey, come out here and listen to my blue one...."

I did and it sounded extremely nice.  No, I'm quite sure that it did not need a tune-up.  That little V-wing Chevy V8 symbol said "427".  He backed around slowly, made the right turn and once moving maybe 15mph, rapidly increased velocity, to a good number beyond 55mph.

Had I known that my drone footage was not footage, I'd have gone closer and taken some photos.

After breakfast, I'd go off on my own and we'd all meet in Rockton for chicken with our Noon reservation.

 My advice though I may be judged to not be a reliable source based on the following....when negotiating a U-Turn on a tight and steep roadway, make sure that you are in Complete and Full Command of both your clutch and throttle controls.

Here we carry on with our regular programming (at least I did my GPS no damage).

A record of when this hay was processed....

Holstein steers being finished....

The 427 again!!


We think we're good at following instructions.....
Imagine, we weren't the only ones with machines of Asian origination!

Blueberry Waffle of course!

Sunday evening, I convinced the "Men" to join me for a fine salad meal.  We found the darkest and most secluded corner that we could, hoping to be as inconspicuous as possible.

Early Monday morning....

Later early Monday morning...

We once again split for the day after breakfast in town...with meat..., I went back to camp to pick up my camera gear and was out for another loop.

 Finally a stop at Beanie's Weenies in Westby...not a lot of choices these days on Monday.

The West Coast of course...

 I've ridden past many schools and can't remember even once seeing them in session.

Back at camp Monday evening, we settled up with Colleen and her power of persuasion convinced us to dine at Los Amigos 2.  We were lucky enough to see her there and be introduced to her friend Norm.

Tuesday morning....

Our very own Red Wing Ironworks Motorbike Club left their calling's on the Alana Springs bulletin board.

518 non-GPS miles for me, great riding and once again a perfect balance of time with friends in one of our favorite areas of SW Wisconsin.  I'll feel better just knowing that you're enjoying autumn, in whatever fashion suits you, that you're doing it and living life. 


  1. Yep, tight u turns on a sloping surface can make one's life a little bit too interesting at times! Glad you're okay, didn't seem to damage the bike too much?