Saturday, October 15, 2022

October Droning - 2022/10/14

Remember those lost drone files I was so disappointed to have lost a couple of weeks ago?  Well they jumped out of the drone today after I loaded a different SD card, a card with today's flight safely recorded.  I'm actually excited and was actually quite disappointed that they weren't available when I last wanted them.

Greg had a card that wasn't recognized in his camera, wondered if it might work in mine which it did not.  Curious, we tried it in the drone and it accepted a Format.  So I assumed all was well, only to find that nothing had been saved on the card.  Luckily, it had filled the drone's cache.

One video, three completely different and totally unrelated subjects.  I hope that you can adjust!

We had some snow yesterday morning, enough to almost completely cover the green grass, but warmer, dryer days are ahead!  For now!


  1. Every time I see drone videos it makes me want to get one but then I remember all the time that is involved with editing videos, still, someday perhaps.

    1. The challenge with video in general, I take a lot of it and often just choose screen grabs. Hard to get payback for all of the effort required.

  2. Lovely aerial footage. Like Dom, I would like to get a drone of some sort, but a licensed drone pilot explained the rules to me, even for the drones under 250 grams, and for any use not purely recreational, a commercial license is required. If I want to enhance or illustrate my rides on YouTube, even if I make no money, I would have to get the Section 107 certificate. No easy test either.

    So I keep pushing it back to a someday thing.

    The editing doesn't bother me though. The bureaucratic stuff does though.

    What kind of drone are you flying?

  3. Thanks Steve. Lately I've been using my DJI Mini2. I still have my Spark and should be alternating between the two of them, capabilities not equal between them. Both easy enough to fly, both becoming easier to fly well.