Monday, October 24, 2022

Door County Weekend - 2022/10/23

Well, happy to say that the weather predictors nailed it...we had an unseasonably wonderfully warm weekend.  I very quickly (while still working last week in Iowa) made last minute plans to load the Guzzi with my best pair of shorts and clean toothbrush for a trip across Wisconsin.

To highlight this weather fact, here's what we looked like a week ago...

With Night view, here's the final tally.

Three days, ~250 miles/day....I'm happy with that.

And as long as we're on Zumo XT screen shots, I decided to "Steve" my way over this time, choosing 'Straight Line' Routing.

Looks like this....

There's a very bold purple line off the screen, above (North), that straight-lines it to Green Bay, my Friday night motel destination.  The bold dashed purple going up is my shortest path back to the very bold direct shot.  The softer dashed purple is the shortest direct path to Green Bay based on my current location.  It works and allows wandering while still providing the vector 'home'.

Red, green, blue, in that order.

An early lunch stop in Eleva... 

Greg has been thorough in his concern for our chickens and all things poultry and as such, has provided me with a traveling mascot.  She isn't named yet (I'm open to suggestions) but I can assure you she's a solid traveler.

Peg made sure that I packed a few fresh Pumpkin Spice cookies....I was fully Geared!

I stayed here this summer on my Around Wisconsin trip. Airport motel, Green Bay.

Saturday morning and very ready for Door County!

The old (and updated) lift bridge in Sturgeon Bay.

I can tell you that I was one of the lucky ones!

Multiple distance marathons were being run....I saw more than a few, quite attractive, tutu's on he's and she's.

Wilson's checkerboard tablecloth burgers were out of season.

Some might say that the colors were so prevalent as to become boring.  I am not in that group.

Cherry orchards....

Now through Gill's Rock, almost to the ferry landing at Northport.

I still hadn't made up my mind....would I go to Washington Island or not.  When I saw the line of cars waiting, the decision was made.  When I don't go, I pull off and park in the overflow area.



I've never been to the Gill's Rock Maritime Museum and took the back way in.

Head gaskets at the ready....

Lots of traffic on my way back to Sturgeon Bay, lot and lots of Peds as well.

Actually quite a few parks that allow beach/water access to the public....

And of course places that do not.

Fish Harbor was especially busy....but nothing like Egg Harbor as I'd soon find out!

Two miles north of Egg Harbor and traffic is stopped.  I was patient for awhile...I really wanted to stop at the Chocolate Chicken and bring home some covered coffee beans for old time's sake.  But the time...parking...crowds... 

I had wanted to go past Birch Creek Music Performance Center and have a look see.  Our girls attended summer music camp there and I expected that now, years later, the Center would have likely grown.

I never got as far as County E which drops right into Egg Harbor.  Instead, I used some other roads to get County E....I wasn't the only one.

Things were very quiet after-season...

Working my east to Bailey's Harbor and Hwy 57....

Sturgeon Bay, the Fincantieri Ship Yards...

Sunset Park, a favorite place in Sturgeon Bay.  This day it happened to be where the Marathon Awards and gathering was happening.

He wanted me to be sure I found someplace hard for my kickstand....

The event tent and looking west towards Green Bay.

Downtown S.B.....

I had planned on stopping at the Maritime Museum regardless but when I saw the new 10 story observation tower, even with just an hour until closing, I had to go!

I messed up...confused #43 and #41.... so this kerfuffle ensued.

Sunday morning and on my way home.  One of the last Round A Bouts leaving Green Bay.

West of Nekoosa...

 Break time....

Cranberry Country.....

I stopped where once-upon-a-time, there was a Historical Marker.  I have proof...from 2013...only 9 short years ago!!

And yesterday??

No Marker!!  Who did this one offend??

In my 'neighborhood'....but still 70 driving miles from home.

Up/over on County X, then U and then??  Just out of Waumandee in Harmonia Park, a place passed hundreds of times, only this summer did I actually pull in and stop....was this event taking place.

"It's not a 'Deere plow....we can't get the centerline right...the 5/8" turnbuckle broke, just not big enough.."

Nice of him to share but I have no knowledge of what he was talking about.

 The Plow Day video

 One last stop at Buena Vista Park overlooking Alma, WI.

Chicken is tuckered....but she'll be strong and ready for our next adventure!


  1. As always, so well documented.

    1. Thanks Eric, much appreciated. You know where my favorite roads still are.

  2. Nice images you've gotten very good at travelogs

    1. Thank you! The trips are fun and boiling them down after I get home enhances the time I spent away.

  3. It was a lucky and fun stop....I could have used any number of roads home. I definitely picked the right one.

  4. Well the Fall Colors have come in nicely....

  5. Over in NE Wisconsin, they were about as Prime as they can be.