Wednesday, October 12, 2022

Congratulations Mike, The Triple Crown!!! - 2022/10

Well he did all 3!   I never doubted it would happen and if you did, shame.

  1. They Fabbed it 
  2. He Rode it
  3. He Slayed a Dragon with it

It was no accident, Mike had a plan and he executed.  Mighty Mouse was along, because MM is always along.

He and Rod made the annual pilgrimage to Barber with some riding mixed in.

All images courtesy of Mike and The Rodney

Well done you guys!!


  1. So neat to see this included in your blog spot.. Mike & Rodney certainly had a great adventure…thank you for sharing! A great dragon tale. 😎 Colleen B.

    1. My pleasure Colleen, we both know a lot of folks that should be lucky enough to see what Mike&Friends accomplished. Not everyone can do this stuff!

  2. The Dragons Tail is 318 curves in 11 miles, and I've done it a few times on a motorcycle. Truth be told I only did about a mile on the Bug Fen since I didn't want a Hayabusa enema. :) Thanks for the tip of the cap.

    1. I did some teasing 'cause I always do but it was pretty special to see you two down there carrying it through. Our hats tipped to you Mike.