Saturday, October 29, 2022

Quest For Corn Pickers (Picking!) - 2022/10/28

Last year I was out with the drone, doing my very best to get views from above (and beside) of the grain harvest in our area, both corn and soybeans.  Shelling/combining corn is the de-facto standard these days so finding farms that are still harvesting ear corn, cobs with kernels is a challenge around here.  I tried last year, finding none while harvest was actually going on.  There are tell-tale signs after the fact if you know what to look for of fields that were harvested with that 'older' method.  Only yesterday realizing that I'd have done myself a huge favor of marking down, creating Way Points in the GPS or just plain, flat out remembering where those locations were.  These days I too often can't remember where I left the 10mm wrench but I'm still quite good at remembering a farm, a corner, 70 miles from home.  Again, yesterday it dawned, if only I'd have been better at paying attention to where corn cribs full of yellow corn were.

Like this one.....only full of corn rather than weeds.  They're out there, definitely more prominent in some neighborhoods than in others.

Our Friday was another unseasonably wonderful late October day, perfect for ear corn harvesting I told myself.  So I went in search of.  Not directly to, but with multiple passes past a location that I actually did stop and drone a couple of years ago.  The problem then was, by the time I was setup and in the air, he was pulling out of the field and taking his load home.  Not what I'd hoped for and I didn't have the patience, or time, to wait and see if he was coming back.  Hopefully I'll do better next time.

Total mileage for the day was 139 and you can see that a good portion of those miles were necessary to get over to the Wisconsin side and back.  That western-most 'rectangle' is 5.2 miles from our home for a crow but not for a Royal Enfield.  It won't fly, I've struggled with water and have done some ice, but not that far.

I haven't done one of these charts for a while, thought it would be interesting to see what they looked like for the area of Corn Picking Exploration.  Here's the Elevation chart.....this is not for the entire trip, primarily the Wisconsin portion of the ride.

And here's a zoomed in section of the Speed chart.  Close examination reveals highway/County road travel, Named road rates and where during the day I completely stopped.  It doesn't take much to determine at which mile, location along the way that a particular event was taking place.  

Note my average Moving pace....if you ciphered out 32.4 you'd be nigh on.

What I saw, you already know what we didn't fly over.

The back way into Read's Landing....

Crossing the river at Wabasha...

The Mississippi River bottoms into Nelson...

Lunch in Pepin..


Elevators, not augers, were what I was watching for.  I saw some, some that were not buried in the woods.  I might have to go and look some more.

I love these choices!!

I wave....I always wave as I quietly pass by.  I see myself as a helmeted Ambassador.

Here he is for Sighting #2....there will be a third.  Having thought about it since yesterday, I wonder if this GS rider is the same guy I Saw What You Did a few years ago??

His choice of roads....what is it they say about pretty good minds?!?

I can't get enough of these low sun angles and autumnal light.

There WERE, no longer, 3 dogs that would run out over more than one summer at this place.  The big huge one was always last and formidable.

I stopped for the view when I heard something coming down the hill behind me....yep, BMW GS for my 3rd and final sighting.  I'm quite sure I knew where he was off to next but I let him go on his own...he seems quite comfortable with the area.

In the Spring when this road still has snow and ice, that barn and silo, on the south side, will be bare and dry.  No promises on the back side.

I disturbed an eagle on this quiet road.

A gated community in our neighborhood....

Was it a disappointing day because I didn't get to aerial photograph corn picking in process?

Have you been paying attention??


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