Sunday, October 30, 2022

Quest For Pickers II - 2022/10/29

I went again, another trip without the hoped for result.

Once again I wandered, this time from the west.  There was harvesting (shelling) around almost every corner but no corn being picked.  Starting from the west, to cross the river at Red Wing, I visited the roads my brother and I cut our riding teeth on.  Three of us, dad too, were on these local roads as two of us were racing towards adulthood.  Can't you just hear a Yamaha AT1, an Honda SL100 and a Suzuki TC90, down a gear (or two) winding through these valleys?

There was a farm on that knoll to the right, there still is a house there and it's the house where our mother grew up.  The road was narrower, the bend in the road much tighter and the large Burr Oak once held in its yard-overhanging limbs a rope swing.  Before I was 8 years old, I used that swing to fly out over the steep bank.

Just up the road from the Old Home Place, the road now curves to the left of the building and loops around.  Back in 1970, the road went right between the house and the shed to the left, through what is now the very well lit, white garage.  When the belly scrapers were salvaging the gravel, to move it over for the new road, they left huge scars where the teeth on the cutting edge of the blade were breaking through the hard surface.  Young Coop wasn't paying attention, the front tire of his 125 Yamaha fell perfectly into that very constrictive slot and slammed him to the ground...about that quick.  

Don't ever do that.

Mississippi National Golf Course, right on the edge of Red Wing.

Along County "A", the site where the ice sculptures appear.

The alleged corn picking field I've been waiting for.

A quiet stop for luncheon....


Never quite On or Off...

I wave...


Looks like the top of my head needs some 100 grit to reduce the glare...

Stockholm was a potential pie stop, but then I saw the crowds and decided I'd Pie somewhere a lot quieter.

I was very willing to wait for them....they motioned that I should go ahead.

Maiden Rock, the Rock....

Thanks Big G

Maiden Rock, the town.

Up the big hill south of Bay City....I was surprised that the Classic Stealth could hang on to 60+

Down the big hill south of Bay City...

Once an ice cream shop, now Drive Thru coffee.  The liquid sounded great, not the Drive Thru part.

We solved that moments later in Red Wing.  Stockholm Peach Pie, just not in Stockholm.

I may try one more time....he's going to have the only corn still standing based on what I'm seeing of his neighbors.

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