Monday, October 11, 2021

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It has been a great week, action packed, filled with Helix adventures!



Monday.... 420 to go!

Not everyone does a picnic in the rain....but then not everyone rides a Helix!

Smoked salmon (thanks Ben!), Garlic Cheese Curds and some crackers.  Fresh ground to top it off.

This past weekend was Arts Festival in Red Wing and 3 (count 'em) of the cruise ships came up the river and stopped at Levee Park.  This Thursday evening, American Melody was the first one.

Back on Friday, the 2nd boat had arrived, the American Melody almost ready to depart for St. Louis

Friday fish fry, Lemon Banana pie part of the deal.  Emily, my favorite waitress continues to call the Helix a Moped.  My manhood hasn't suffered, she can call it anything she wants as long as she brings me these slices.

A loop around Lake Pepin, Point-No-Point in the distance.

Saturday morning Lake City....
I crossed the river at Wabasha, the plan to meet Steve in Baldwin for lunch and then ride to Red Wing to visit the Red Wing Marine Engine Museum and see the docked Cruise Riverboats.  On the way to Lake City I managed to see boat #3 headed up river.

From the Wisconsin side, a Tow rounding Point-No-Point where the river makes an almost perfect 90 degree turn from east to south.

Again, the point looking from the north, the overlook and campground at Frontenac State Park up on top.

After breakfast with Steve in Baldwin, we took the long way back to Red Wing, this sky diving just outside of Baldwin.

I've been trying to drone some harvest action but my timing is always off.'s too windy!

One of the long barns....

Corn crib on the end of a barn, I've never seen this anywhere else.

Round barn, once a thriving and huge dairy operation.  Now just weeds, an abandoned home and farmstead.  The cropland never abandoned however.

Just outside Diamond Bluff...

Crossing the bridge back in to Minnesota at Red Wing.

Things were hopping in Red Wing due to the annual Arts Festival.  Steve's Concours wheel making an appearance here.

We learned a lot that we had not yet known.  The Red Wing Marine Engine Museum and Boatworks.  Hastings, Red Wing, Lake City, Wabasha, Winona....they all had companies making boat engines.  As the man said, "....rowing is a lot of work...".  All of these engines, none of them exactly the same as any other.

The museum is housed in the old Pump House building for Red Wing, built in 1865.

Sharing space next door, the Gandy Dancers Model Railroad Club.  Steve and I both had a great time conversing with a few of the club members.

One of the owners of the famous Red Wing Boat Harbor buildings opened his space to allow we tourists a look see.  I know the demand far exceeds supply and access is coveted.  We walked all of the way out to the end and back again on the dockway.  All houses secured and floating on barrels.  Many if not most of the modern houses are built on winter ice and then floated into place when a new space is available.

 Back on the bikes to visit "up on the hill" in Memorial Park.

Leaving Memorial Park,  I turned right for a return to Frontenac, Steve turned left for Minneapolis.

Sunday morning, I planned on another Wisconsin loop, another absolutely ideal October day.

Just like old times....breakfast at Pier 4 in Alma.

Up on top away from the river, a weather Front was blowing through.  I checked my radar.....

I was heading the right way.

This image wasn't touched, the lightning, wispy drops and sudden sunshine made magic.

It blew through and the rest of the day was as promised by the prognosticators.  I put a video up, partly featuring this Pretzel Pass location.

A message from my favorite gas station coffee's not even the end of November yet!

It was about this time I texted Eric, wondering if he could come out and play.  We met in Eleva for lunch.

I made it to Pammy Kaye's in Eleva before Eric did, but not by much.  He had to turn the log splitter off before jumping on his bike to make it in time.

There's a story here.....Our buddy Greg found himself in the hospital, a serious 'in the hospital' and he's got an even greater appreciation of life now that he's out.  He reminded us this week to not put things off, to get desert in, sometimes before the main course.

Wise counsel Mr. G.....I followed your example.

The soup and sandwich followed as those that are informed are wont to do.

So....a busy week, not all of it on the Helix if you can believe that.  Friday morning I accompanied mom to the dentist.  Friday evening Peg and I visited our eldest daughter in South Minneapolis and good time was had by all.

Here's roughly 500 miles-worth...

I honestly believe that 30k on the clock is in fact possible and a worthy goal regardless!!




  1. Well done my friend!

    I certainly appreciated the invite and lunch. I’m pondering where my invitation will take us to next.

    1. Thanks Eric. Glad that you got the splitter shutdown safely.

      As always, the time, ideas and vittles shared are treasured.