Sunday, October 31, 2021

After 30k - Halloween - 2021/10/31

Well, last we spoke the Helix had turned over 30,000 miles on the odometer but then I still needed to get home.

 Much has happened since then, that was 2 weeks ago.  Garden work, chicken chores, yard work, work work and as you might imagine, some riding time.  Without going back and checking the details, many afternoons saw me out, for a few of them I was averaging at least 50 miles for each episode.

There was a Community Ed class (ZOOM) that was fun about barn quilts and barn quilt tours in our region.

Up river from Lake City...

White Bean Chicken Chili and Jalapeno Cheddar Sourdough...

Padding for eventual eggs...

Window panels to keep the cold winds out....

An afternoon of White/Black clouds and Bright Blue....

And with that ..... spotlight sunshine....

This poor tree....I've watched it over the years go from a proud example of its the middle of a very large field on the hill to something just barely hanging on.  Its days are numbered.  I'll miss it.  The eagle will miss it.

Saturday at was cold....the riders concerned about frost on any bridge decks.

I was out today was a very fresh ride!

Sounds like a cold week so I doubt very much that riding will happen.  I will be watching for some November days conducive to getting back on two wheels.  At this point it's far, far too early for a 2021 Pie Chart.

Happy Halloween!!


  1. I can tasted that strawberry cone from here.. MMMMMM

  2. Yay! Drone harvest shots! I like the docked riverboat one too. You took that at the photographic "magical time" of day. Other great pics using that full October sunshine. You get that whiter midday light at the lower October sun angle. Kind of like an enormously wide flash shot. Congrats for 30K for the Helix.

    1. Thank you! It's very possible that at least a part of why this is my favorite time of year is the atmospheric just makes things pop. The mix of colors, the grass-green hayfields, the browns and yellows, even if the red isn't pronounced. No way is an evening July sky the same as an October evening sky.

      I've been out droning harvest/field work to the extent that I can and have a nice amount of video so I'm working on it. Trying to get more but these last days, when it works for me, the wind has been over the top of reasonable drone flying. Background, light, interesting fields...I'm hoping to get more before I put something together over at the video place.

      I'm anxious to see this year's pie chart and where each machine gets a slice.

  3. Wow! That’s a lot of photos. Drone shots, chicken coop shots, Saturday coffee shots, what a variety.

    1. There was a lot to cover Richard, a true mix of almost everything.

      You two are really seeing the country!